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The equipment has the advantages of high brightness, fresh air, fast air purification, good paint mist treatment effect, hot air supply in winter, etc. when baking paint, it has the functions of constant temperature and timing of temperature rise, fast te

Dry Filter Spray Booths

The dry-type paint spray booth adopts the dry method to separate the paint mist. According to the paint mist treatment medium, it is divided into baffle plate (dry limestone) and filter cotton type, which is suitable for the production with less paint con

Water spinning spray booth

It belongs to the wet spray booth. It uses the gas laminar flow suppression method to prevent the diffusion of paint mist, and the water is rolled up by the impact force of the water spinner to capture the paint mist. The filtration efficiency can reach 9

Pumpless water curtain spray booth

It belongs to the wet paint spraying room. The negative pressure of the exhaust fan is used to directly lift the water in the water tank to form a circulating water curtain to capture the paint mist. The spray purification efficiency can reach 98%. 5 μ Th

Water curtain spray booth

As one of the wet paint spraying rooms, the circulating water curtain layer formed by the water pump is used to capture the paint mist. The equipment is easy to operate and maintain. It is suitable for small-scale production or maintenance of workpieces w

Retractable spray booth

The retractable spray booth is named after its body structure. It adopts an electric retractable mobile front room, which can be semi open and movable, and can solve the problem of large and medium-sized workpieces' turnover and movement. It is flexible a

Electrostatic powder spraying room

Electrostatic powder spraying room is also called plastic spraying room. It has high efficiency (coating utilization efficiency is more than 98%), strong economy (one-time coverage, no sagging; no solvent; easy cleaning, reducing maintenance cost; fire ri

Standard 6-axis spraying robot

Six axis rotation joints are configured, namely, X axis, Z axis, Y axis, U axis, V axis and W axis, to control the movement of the spray gun. The rotation joints are designed in a modular manner and have high joint flexibility. However, because they have

Side wall 6-axis painting robot

Six axes are configured, namely, x-axis, z-axis, s-axis, T-axis, v-axis and W-axis. Compared with the 5-axis robot, the v-axis: 360 ° rotation function of the small arm is added, which makes the painting more flexible, accurate and efficient.

7-axis painting robot

It is equipped with 7 axes, namely x-axis, y-axis, z-axis, R-axis, s-axis, T-axis and W-axis. The side wall structure is adopted and fixed on the wall of the paint booth to realize multi axis linkage within a certain range. Compared with the side wall t

Gantry 8-axis painting robot

The fully automatic equipment installed in the painting room for painting operation replaces manual work, so as to improve the efficiency and quality of painting, safety, environmental protection and energy conservation! There are 8 axes, i.e. x-axis, y-a

Gantry nine axis spraying robot

It is equipped with 9 axes, i.e. X axis, Y axis, Z axis, R axis, s axis, t axis, U axis and W axis. The gantry frame structure is adopted, which can meet the continuous painting operation of large workpieces. The enclosed working space is large, the paint

Natural gas spray paint drying room

Natural gas is used as heating energy, with good combustion conditions, rapid adjustment and high degree of automatic control, which can meet the drying and curing requirements of various workpieces; Combustion is completely pollution-free, clean and hy

Electric heating paint baking room

The electric heating drying room solidifies the paint film and sealant through heating pipes, which can be divided into ordinary electric heating pipes and infrared heating pipes. After drying, the paint film has reliable quality, high surface gloss and s

Natural gas radiant heating paint drying room

The natural gas radiation heating drying room can directly transfer energy to the coating. After radiation, the temperature of the workpiece itself to the infrared radiation does not change much, but the temperature of the coating will rise rapidly and dr

Steam heating paint drying room

The steam heating paint drying room is used to accelerate the drying process of water-based and solvent-based coatings. The steam heating method is combined with the advanced hot air circulation system to make the temperature distribution of the upper, lo












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