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Standard 6-axis spraying robot

Six axis rotation joints are configured, namely, X axis, Z axis, Y axis, U axis, V axis and W axis, to control the movement of the spray gun. The rotation joints are designed in a modular manner and have high joint flexibility. However, because they have

Side wall 6-axis painting robot

Six axes are configured, namely, x-axis, z-axis, s-axis, T-axis, v-axis and W-axis. Compared with the 5-axis robot, the v-axis: 360 ° rotation function of the small arm is added, which makes the painting more flexible, accurate and efficient.

7-axis painting robot

It is equipped with 7 axes, namely x-axis, y-axis, z-axis, R-axis, s-axis, T-axis and W-axis. The side wall structure is adopted and fixed on the wall of the paint booth to realize multi axis linkage within a certain range. Compared with the side wall t

Gantry 8-axis painting robot

The fully automatic equipment installed in the painting room for painting operation replaces manual work, so as to improve the efficiency and quality of painting, safety, environmental protection and energy conservation! There are 8 axes, i.e. x-axis, y-a

Gantry nine axis spraying robot

It is equipped with 9 axes, i.e. X axis, Y axis, Z axis, R axis, s axis, t axis, U axis and W axis. The gantry frame structure is adopted, which can meet the continuous painting operation of large workpieces. The enclosed working space is large, the paint


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