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Water curtain spray booth

The water curtain spray booth is a kind of wet spray booth. The spray mist is captured by liquid substances, that is, water. The equipment is easy to operate and maintain. It is suitable for workpieces with small cross-sectional area, cross-sectional projection area of no more than 1 square meter and width direction of 0.0001 to 0.8 meters. It is suitable for small batch production or maintenance; There are two types: spray painting room with ground grid and tuyere without ground grid. The water curtain spray painting room with ground grid consists of side plates, ground grid and top plate on both sides to form a relatively complete construction environment. During painting construction, the workpiece is sent to the painting station and taken out after painting; The spray booth without ground grid is generally a direct product passing type, that is, the products are moved to the water curtain machine in the previous process, and then continue to flow to the next process after spraying. It is very suitable for production in the form of assembly line, but the effect of paint mist emission is not as good as the previous one!


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  • Simple operation: the basic operation is to start and stop the fan, add flocculant and remove paint residue; The chamber wall is not easy to be polluted, and cleaning is easier

  • The paint capacity is large, so it does not need to be maintained frequently or infrequently as in the dry-type paint booth, nor does it have a great impact on the air supply and exhaust effect

  • Compared with the water curtain without pump, the water consumption of this equipment is larger and the foundation is more complex, but the consumption is smaller than that of the water spinning spray booth

  • Water curtain plate structure design, water curtain layer is uniform, continuous, reliable, no broken belt, no spray splash, high paint mist treatment efficiency, ≥ 98%

  • The baffle can filter the water of the organic paint mist, and the purified waste gas is discharged after being treated by the waste gas treatment device


The water curtain paint booth is suitable for painting various structural parts, such as mechanical equipment, auto parts, metal manufacturing, decorative design parts, household appliances, household appliances and other manufacturing industries. The water curtain painting room can be used for painting on one side, or for painting on both sides after several sets are assembled.



When the water curtain painting room is in working state, the water pump is started, and the water pressure in the water tank is fed into the overflow tank. The overflow tank is provided with water holes. The water overflows through the water holes and flows to the drip plate to form a water curtain. Through the action of the exhaust fan, the indoor spray mist is sucked into the water curtain, and the water containing organic paint mist is filtered through the action of the baffle plate. The purified waste gas is discharged after being treated by the waste gas treatment device, The separated water flows into the overflow tank after being collected in the gas collecting tank, and overflows from the overflow tank to the flashing plate to form a water curtain. In this way, the harmful components in the paint mist are removed. A special flocculant is added to the circulating water to change the adhesion of the paint mist, so that the paint mist floats on the water surface and forms slag blocks for cleaning. During the operation of the equipment, new water is continuously added to the water tank automatically, so the water can be recycled repeatedly, without sewage discharge, and will not cause secondary environmental pollution. The equipment structure design is reasonable and the operation is stable.


                             Sectional view of side exhaust water curtain spray  booth


                     Schematic diagram of paint mist capture in side exhaust water curtain painting room


All components can be customized (such as size, material, brand, process, function, etc.)

Chamber body


Exterior shape and material of chamber

a grille


Drainage ditch

The frame of the chamber body is made of rectangular steel pipe, which is beautiful and generous. The material consumption is less than that of channel steel and I-steel. The wall plate is selected δ The 1.5mm cold-rolled steel plate is connected by bolts, and the shape is straight and flat. The wall plate at the rear of the air-water separation chamber is made of stainless steel, and the rest is made of galvanized steel. The two ends of the room are provided with hanging conveyor chains and door openings for the entry and exit of workpieces. One side of the front is provided with an outward opening door and an automatic door closer to ensure that the air flow in the room is not disturbed when people enter and exit. The other front faces of the room are provided with large plane sealed glass windows. The whole room wall panels are treated with "electrostatic spraying" surface treatment to achieve long-term corrosion protection of the paint booth.

The upper part of the pit is provided with a floor grid, which is composed of 40 × 3mm flat steel and 6 × 6mm twisted steel is welded, the spacing between loaded flat steel is 40mm, and the spacing between cross bars is 50mm. For easy disassembly and cleaning, each piece is about 1m2.

The pit depth of the water curtain paint booth is about 600mm. The channel steel for the welding of the chamber frame is embedded around the pit, the channel steel for the welding of the air supply and water separation chamber and the grid frame column is embedded in the middle, the angle steel for the overflow plate is embedded at the end, and the local deep pit is set for the maintenance and drainage.

Drainage ditches are set on both sides of the paint booth. The starting point of the ditch on the side of the air-water separation room is about 700mm deep. The gradient is 1%, and it is gradually deepened toward the separation groove. The drainage pipe of the air-water separation room is inserted into the drainage ditch, and the local depth is 1300mm. In this way, the drainage pipe is in overflow state during drainage, which can play the role of air sealing and prevent water splashing; The starting point of the trench on one side of the overflow plate is about 550mm deep, and the gradient is taken as 1%, gradually deepening towards the separation tank. The two trenches are embedded with angle steel for edge wrapping, and flat steel is added to prevent cement cracking. Cover plate shall be set on the trench.

Painting system

The painting system of the water curtain painting room is composed of high-pressure airless painting pump, pneumatic mixer, paint filter and pipeline. It is installed in the paint pump room (paint supply room) and connected with the painting room by pipeline


Paint supply room

One (5.5m) is installed under the platform of the air supply system × 2m × 3m(L × W × H) Paint supply room. Equipped with exhaust fan, the exhaust volume shall not be less than 10 times / min, and explosion-proof exhaust fan and lighting shall be adopted. Ground wires shall be buried in the paint supply room to prevent fire caused by static electricity; In order to facilitate the painting operation, compressed air quick connectors are set on both sides of the paint booth


Spray gun

American Graco manual high-pressure airless spray gun is adopted, with ergonomic design and strong comfort; Elliptical insulated handle, high safety; The structure design is compact and reasonable, with mobile hose, flexible operation even in narrow space, and high spraying quality; The spray gun filter is easy to take out and easy to repair, reducing the maintenance time due to nozzle blockage.


Robot painting

With the rising labor cost and the gradual disappearance of the population dividend, it has become an inevitable trend for robots to replace people. The robot is used to replace the spray painting workers for spray painting, which can avoid the heavy labor of the operators in the harsh working environment, and can ensure the stable surface quality of the workpiece and high production efficiency.

Paint mist filtration system

The paint mist filtration system of the water curtain spray booth is composed of exhaust fan, air blower, water tank, flashing plate, air water channel, air water separator, water drip plate, paint mist channel, etc

Air supply systemExhaust systemDrip plateGas water separation roomCirculating water pipelineCirculating water tank

The fresh air inlet is equipped with electric damper (Swiss product) to absorb fresh air; The coarse effect filter device is adopted. The filter material is kld-913 model, with a thickness of 20mm and a dust capacity of 620g / ㎡, which can effectively capture particles with a diameter greater than 10 μ M U.M; Low noise and energy-saving centrifugal fan is adopted, which is made of double-sided air inlet, with novel structure, small volume, large air volume and small vibration. The motor can reduce voltage with the help of three-phase voltage regulator to realize stepless speed regulation, and can adapt to places with frequent air volume changes. The forced draft fan base is set on the steel structure platform at the side of the chamber body, and the structure is firm and reliable without obvious vibration; All air supply pipelines are made of δ 1.2mm high-quality galvanized steel plate undercut production, without welding, to ensure that the pipeline is formed without deformation.

Explosion proof centrifugal fan is selected. The exhaust fan base is made of channel steel, angle steel and industrial profiles welded into a frame. All pipes are made of δ The 1.2mm hot-rolled galvanized plate is made. The noise of the fan is 88DB (a) when it is running empty (without air duct). The noise reduction fan case is set outside the fan. The damper or elastic shock absorber is installed under the fan base. After the air duct is connected, the operator can have a good working environment; Exhaust pipe shall be provided with exhaust gas concentration inspection hole at the pipe height convenient for personnel operation to facilitate sampling; The exhaust tower is made of galvanized plate and reinforced with wind resistant structure. The size of the exhaust chimney is determined by the air flow speed and the concentration of harmful substances discharged.

The water flow plate shall ensure the flatness to ensure that the water curtain is stable and free from flow interruption and turbulence. The water flow plate and water baffle shall be made of stainless steel to ensure their service life. The lower end is a sawtooth structure instead of a general linear structure, which further improves the washing effect; The water film on the water plate is formed by the overflow of the water in the overflow tank above. In order to ensure the uniformity of the water film, the overflow slot is designed into a circular arc shape of Guanghua and inclined inward by 45 ゜, so that the water overflowed from the overflow tank can be uniformly lubricated and will not splash.

Two to four water baffle plates are set in the air-water separation room. When the water mist collides with the air, the water mist condenses into large water droplets and flows down from the baffle plate to separate from the air. The included angle between the baffle plate and the horizontal direction is 10 ゜ - 15 ゜, and the overlapping length is about 50mm. The paint mist catching rate and the air-water separation rate are relatively high.

The circulating water pipe will send the filtered water from the separation tank to the spray booth through the water pump. The main pipe is generally DN80 steel pipe, and the branch pipe in the drip plate water tank is DN65 pipe, with small nozzles of dn10 evenly distributed on it. The 45 angle is inclined to the tank. The branch pipes in the pit are dn80-100 pipes, with small nozzles of DN20 evenly distributed on them and inclined to the bottom of the pit at an angle of 45 º. In this way, the water in the water tank will be agitated continuously during painting, and the backflow will be formed in the tank. In this way, the paint mist can be prevented from depositing in a certain area, and it is conducive to the paint mist entering the water circulation system to be filtered in the water treatment pit.

The circulating water tank system is composed of water return pipe, water retaining dam, water level regulating plate, slag retaining plate, filter, circulating water pump, liquid level controller, solenoid valve, gate valve, water supply and drainage pipe, etc. An operation area shall be set for operators to take paint slag, adjust gate valve and repair equipment. A special flocculant is added to the circulating water to change the adhesion of the paint mist, so that the paint mist floats on the water surface and forms slag blocks for cleaning. During the operation of the equipment, new water is continuously added to the water tank automatically, so the water can be recycled repeatedly, without sewage discharge, and will not cause secondary environmental pollution. The equipment structure design is reasonable and the operation is stable.

Air purification system

Grade 2-3 filtration is adopted: primary 1-2 filtration and sub high efficiency filtration (top filtration) of air inlet, which is composed of air inlet filter, top filter material, top cotton support net, connecting plate, etc; The sub high efficiency filter material is set at the bottom of the static chamber and supported by the top cotton support net. The top cotton support net is of high-quality C-shaped steel structure. After special rust prevention treatment, it has good rigidity, no corrosion and easy to replace the top cotton;


Primary filter material


Sub high efficiency filter material

The synthetic fiber filter material product vnf-290 (G3) and the bag filter of the filter section of the air supply system can increase the cotton area of the air inlet by 3-4 times with the cloth bag structure. The adoption of this filter form can reduce the wind resistance, increase the dust capacity and reduce the replacement times

The Dutch "arresters" synthetic fiber filter material cc-600g (F5) is selected as the sub high efficiency filter material, which can filter out all particles that can damage the paint quality, and the dust content is 100% removed to ensure that the air flow passing through the paint booth is evenly diffused and forms a laminar flow state, which conforms to the fire classification standards of European din53438-f1 and American ul900-class1.

Exhaust gas treatment system

During painting, the exhaust gas shall be treated to make the treated exhaust gas meet the integrated emission standard of air pollutants (gb16297-195). There are two treatment methods commonly used in the water curtain spray booth of our company: activated carbon system + RCO catalytic combustion and molecular sieve zeolite runner adsorption + catalytic combustion.


Activated carbon adsorption + RCO catalytic combustion

The organic waste gas can be adsorbed by using the adsorption characteristics of activated carbon micropores, and the waste gas with low concentration, low temperature and hydrocarbon can be treated. The solvent can be recovered and reused, and the purification efficiency is as high as 90-95%. Activated carbon is a non-polar adsorbent with hydrophobic and organophilic properties. It can absorb most organic gases, such as benzene, aldehydes and ketones, alcohols, hydrocarbons, etc., as well as odor substances. After the adsorption is saturated, it can be desorbed and regenerated by hot air and put into use again.

Molecular sieve zeolite runner adsorption + catalytic combustion

The zeolite runner concentration area can be divided into treatment area, regeneration area and cooling area. After collection and pretreatment, VOC organic waste gas enters the zeolite molecular sieve runner system. Through the continuous process of adsorption desorption concentration of zeolite molecular sieve runner, large air volume and low concentration organic waste gas is concentrated into small air volume and high concentration waste gas, and then enters the regenerative oxidation furnace for combustion purification, And effectively utilize the surplus heat released by the combustion of organic matter.



All light boxes are made of δ 1.2 the galvanized plate is made and sprayed with white paint, which is beautiful and elegant, and can prevent rust; The lamp tube adopts explosion-proof Philips high-efficiency light source, which is safe, energy-saving and easy to maintain. The ballast adopts the special electronic ballast for the paint booth to ensure that the light intensity of each paint booth is ≥ 80olux and meet the spraying operation of each end face of the workpiece. The light box and the wall panel are connected by small angle iron, and the light box is equipped with a detachable frame for easy maintenance.

Safety alarm system

The differential pressure detection alarm adopts the sound and light alarm mode, and is interlocked with the air supply and exhaust system to cut off the fan operation and remind the operator to replace the filter material; The combustible gas detection and alarm instrument has a central control system and multiple detection channels, which can connect multiple probes. The probes are placed on each indoor working section to monitor the indoor combustible gas concentration at any time and send out alarm signals.


Electronic control system

The control system of the water curtain spray booth adopts the intelligent control cabinet assembled by Siemens electronic components, which has the advantages of high precision, complete functions and convenient operation. The operator can complete all the operation processes once set. The electrical components, control switches and harnesses meet the national standards; The electrical control of the equipment adopts the decentralized control operation mode. The electric control cabinet is placed near the equipment to facilitate observation and operation management. In addition to the necessary electrical protection devices, instruments, switches and display lights, the control cabinet shall be equipped with switches and operation display lights for the running pumps and fans, which can be self-locking and shutdown in case of failure. The control cabinet is equipped with automatic and manual switching, which can accept the organic solvent concentration exceeding the standard and fire alarm signal, and automatically cut off the power supply.


Serial numbernameCompanynumerical valueremarks
1Paint booth typeSpray booth with pump water curtain
Equipment sizemm4000*3000*3000
3Gate sizemm1200*1000
4Exhaust system1Set

Exhaust air volumem³/h23346

Total pressurePa


Fan powerKW18.5explosion-proof
5Loaded wind speedm/s

Waste gas treatment methodWater curtain paint mist filtration system

Paint mist removal rate≥98
Pump flowm³/h150

Pump headm20


Air filtration efficiency≥98%
Total powerKw≤52.68


The equipment dimensions are for reference and can be designed and manufactured according to the customer's product dimensions.

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