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Dear customers, you can choose to fill in the required items marked with the five pointed star and leave your contact information. You can also leave a message to us about your specific needs, so that we can communicate with you more targeted, reduce communication costs, and customize your coating equipment solutions! When leaving a message for specific needs, you can fill in the following information:

  • 1. Project requirements: such as coating production line, sandblasting, painting, drying room equipment, waste gas treatment equipment, etc
  • 2. Workpiece size: maximum size and minimum size
  • 3. Workpiece weight: maximum weight
  • 4. Workpiece output
  • 5. Workpiece material
  • 6. Process requirements
  • 7. Coating classification: water based paint, paint, powder coating

The company is responsible for the confidentiality of the business secrets or personal privacy, you can fill it out with confidence!

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