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Electric heating paint baking room

The electric heating drying room solidifies the paint film and sealant through heating pipes, which can be divided into ordinary electric heating pipes and infrared heating pipes. After drying, the paint film has reliable quality, high surface gloss and soft brightness; It can directly dry the hot gas generated by any gas, and is non-conductive, non combustible, non explosive and non polluting. Jiutong electric heating and drying room has the advantages of stable operation, safety and environmental protection, rapid and controllable heating, uniform heating, accurate PLC control, and low energy consumption. It has been successfully applied in China Industrial Machinery Design Institute, China Shenzhou aircraft Co., Ltd., China Aerodynamic Research Institute, Shanxi No. 549 plant, Zhangjiakou Xuanhua Huatai mining and metallurgical machinery and other enterprises. It has rich experience in project construction, shortened the construction period and guaranteed the quality.


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  • Simple operation: the heater is easy to operate, and the temperature and humidity can be adjusted and controlled in sections. It can be directly dried by manual plate making, saving labor and low energy consumption

  • Rugged and durable: the column and beam of the drying channel framework adopt □ 100 × 100 × 5 square pipe production, purlin adopts □ 50 × 50 × 4 rectangular steel pipes, all of which are subject to anti-corrosion treatment, with good thermal insulation performance, large bearing capacity and long service life

  • Clean and environmental protection: electric heating, no black smoke and dust, clean and sanitary indoor; The drying room adopts a fully enclosed structure, and no waste gas and waste materials are discharged during the drying process

  • Good curing effect: infrared baking lamp, with deep wavelength penetration, directly enters the paint layer. The temperature of the baked surface rises rapidly and volatilizes outward, accelerating the curing of the coating surface, improving the surface gloss and making the surface bright and soft

  • The heat exchanger is made of high-quality stainless steel by scientific design and welding, which is safe and reliable; A combustible gas concentration detection device is provided. When the solvent concentration reaches 25% of the explosion limit (which can be freely set), an alarm will be given immediately. At this time, the conveying system will stop running

  • High degree of automation: automatic control system, constant temperature paint baking, automatic shutdown and other functions


The electric heating paint drying room is applicable to the drying and curing treatment of various structural parts and components. The industry involves petrochemical, engineering machinery, aerospace, mining machinery, military industry, automobile, special vehicle, railway, wind power, refrigerator manufacturing, furniture and other industries



The electric heating paint baking room adopts the method of hot air circulating electric heating. Through the circulating fan and pipe, the heated air enters the drying room to exchange heat with the workpiece, so as to heat the workpiece. The air after heat exchange is collected by the return air pipe and returned to the combustion chamber together with the supplementary fresh air to form an internal circulation. After repeated cycles, the surface temperature of the workpiece is raised to the specified temperature. When the temperature reaches the set value, the burner will automatically stop working. At this time, the fan will continue to work, and the indoor temperature will gradually decrease. When the temperature drops to a set value, the burner will automatically work, and the temperature will rise to the set value again. During the drying process, in order to ensure that the solvent vapor concentration in the drying room is within a safe range (the maximum volume concentration cannot exceed 25% of its lower explosive limit), the drying room needs to remove some hot air containing the solvent vapor concentration and absorb some fresh air to supplement it. The drying room is equipped with a multi probe combustible gas concentration detection device. When the solvent concentration reaches 25% of the explosion limit (which can be freely set), the alarm will be given immediately. At this time, the conveying system will stop operating. The drying temperature is automatically controlled by a temperature sensor, and a measuring and control point is set in the length direction.



All components can be customized (such as size, material, brand, process, function, etc.)



Main material of chamber

□ 120 is adopted for the column and beam of the drying channel framework of the electric heating paint drying room × one hundred and twenty × 5 square pipe production, purlin adopts □ 50 × fifty × 4 rectangular steel pipes, all of which are subject to anti-corrosion treatment, have the characteristics of good thermal insulation performance and high support stiffness; The thickness of the inner wall plate is δ 1.5mm galvanized steel plate, the thickness of the outer wall plate is δ 0.476mm corrugated color steel plate, filled in the middle δ 200mm thick rock wool sandwich (rock wool density is 120kg / m3) insulation board, and the material of the chamber body is δ 1.5mm cold plate, strong thermal insulation performance, so that the temperature of the outer wall plate is not higher than 5 ° C of the room temperature.

Steel structure platform

It is welded with 14 # channel steel and laid on the table δ The 4mm pattern plate is designed above the drying chamber and directly connected to the ground through the column, that is, the drying chamber itself does not bear the steel structure platform, and the two are separated. The hot air circulating heating system is installed on the steel structure platform. In order to facilitate the maintenance of operators, a steel ladder is set on one side of the platform, and safety protection railings are set around. The ladder and railings are designed and manufactured according to national standards.

Electric sliding door

Two sets of electric sliding doors are set at both ends of the chamber body, and the material is composite insulation board. The gate is of push-pull type. Air tight adhesive strips are installed around the gate to prevent air leakage at the door seam and between the gate and the rail. Observation windows are installed on the gate to facilitate observation of indoor working conditions and natural lighting. The whole gate has the characteristics of reasonable structure, uniform switching speed, safety and reliability, good sealing performance, low maintenance rate and convenient operation. The opening and closing of the electric sliding door adopts a chain driven door opening mechanism. An electric control opening and closing signal is set between the gate and the battery driven trolley. When the battery driven trolley approaches the gate, the detection element sends a control signal and the gate is opened; When the workpiece reaches the station, the indoor detection element sends out a control signal, the door is closed, and the ventilation system is started to start the operation. The gate is equipped with an audible and visual alarm, which will give an audible and visual alarm when the gate is opened or closed

Hot air circulation heating system

Common electric heaterInfrared baking lampCirculating fanTemperature control system

Electric heating air heater is a device that uses electric energy to heat air. It is composed of shell, electric heating element, junction box and other components. The shell is welded by profile steel and thin steel plate. Both ends are connected with the air duct by flanges, and both sides are insulated and insulated by asbestos plates.

The infrared baking lamp has a very deep penetration at its wavelength and directly enters the paint layer. The temperature of the baking surface rises rapidly and volatilizes outward, which accelerates the curing of the coating surface, improves the surface gloss, and is bright and soft. Compared with the ordinary baking lamp, it has the advantages of high strength, high thermal efficiency, high penetration, low energy consumption and low cost; The control system adopts digital display, equipped with temperature measurement and display devices, automatic temperature control, timing heating and current regulation devices, so that the equipment operation is more simple and accurate.

The fan adopts double suction bkkf explosion-proof centrifugal fan, which has the characteristics of good performance, high efficiency, beautiful appearance, compact structure, stable operation, and convenient installation and maintenance. The forced draft fan base is welded into a frame with channel steel and angle steel industrial profiles to bear the weight and vibration of one forced draft fan; Air supply pipes are all made of δ 1.2mm high-quality galvanized steel plate undercut production, without welding, to ensure that the pipeline is formed without deformation; A damping or elastic reducer is installed at the bottom of the fan. At the same time, we have designed a fan noise reduction room to ensure that the system noise is controlled below 75dBA

The drying temperature is up to 200 ℃, which can be adjusted and set according to the needs to adapt to the development of coating production and the use of different coatings. The temperature in the furnace is displayed and automatically controlled by the digital temperature controller. One point is set at the front, middle and rear of the drying room. The middle point controls the temperature, and the front and rear two points display. A temperature display is set in the heating room. The collected signal is sent to the temperature controller of the control cabinet. The temperature controller automatically controls the work of the heater according to the set drying temperature value to ensure that the temperature in the room meets the completion of the drying task. It has the function of overtemperature audible and visual alarm and automatic interlock shutdown.

High temperature resistant filterAir supply and return pipesAir curtain systemSafety detection system

A filter device is set at the air outlet to ensure the cleanliness of circulating air. 3001gg high-temperature resistant coarse effect flat filter is selected. It is made of alkali free glass fiber filaments. The fiber layer is thin to dense from the windward side to the leeward side, effectively blocking dust. It has the characteristics of large air volume, small resistance, flame retardancy, chemical corrosion resistance and excellent radiation resistance.

The air supply pipe and return pipe of the heating system guide the hot air to circulate in the drying room and transfer the heat to the workpiece. The outdoor part of the air pipe adopts δ 30mm rock wool thermal insulation material package, easy installation, beautiful appearance. In order to promote the strong circulation of hot air in the room and make it evenly distributed, regulating butterfly valves are set at the inlet of air supply pipe, return pipe, fresh air makeup pipe and exhaust gas discharge pipe. The air supply and return pipes in the drying room are all made of δ 1.5mm galvanized plate undercut fabrication without welding. The appearance of the pipeline is ensured. Flange connection is adopted for connection between pipelines, and asbestos rope is filled between flanges as sealing material.

In order to reduce the loss of energy during the operation of the electric heating paint drying room system, an air curtain is set at the entrance and exit of the workpieces to cut off the heat outflow by high-speed air flow.

The heating system is equipped with an air pressure switch. When no air is detected, the control signal will be sent immediately to cut off the heater and stop the operation to avoid the occurrence of "dry burning"

Exhaust gas treatment system

During painting, the exhaust gas shall be treated to make the treated exhaust gas meet the integrated emission standard of air pollutants (gb16297-195). There are two common treatment methods in the electric heating paint drying room of our company: activated carbon system + RCO catalytic combustion and molecular sieve zeolite runner adsorption + catalytic combustion.


Activated carbon adsorption + RCO catalytic combustion

The organic waste gas can be adsorbed by using the adsorption characteristics of activated carbon micropores, and the waste gas with low concentration, low temperature and hydrocarbon can be treated. The solvent can be recovered and reused, and the purification efficiency is as high as 90-95%. Activated carbon is a non-polar adsorbent with hydrophobic and organophilic properties. It can absorb most organic gases, such as benzene, aldehydes and ketones, alcohols, hydrocarbons, etc., as well as odor substances. After the adsorption is saturated, it can be desorbed and regenerated by hot air and put into use again

Molecular sieve zeolite runner adsorption + catalytic combustion

The zeolite runner concentration area can be divided into treatment area, regeneration area and cooling area. After collection and pretreatment, VOC organic waste gas enters the zeolite molecular sieve runner system. Through the continuous process of adsorption desorption concentration of zeolite molecular sieve runner, large air volume and low concentration organic waste gas is concentrated into small air volume and high concentration waste gas, and then enters the regenerative oxidation furnace for combustion purification, And effectively utilize the surplus heat released by the combustion of organic matter.


The upper and lower rows of lighting devices are set in the electric heating paint drying room. The top side lamp group is installed at a 45 º angle, and the arrangement is: 2 × 40W × 2 sides; The waist lamp group is installed in the wall panel at intervals, and the arrangement is: 2 × 40W × 2 lines. All light boxes adopt δ 1.2 the galvanized plate shall be made and sprayed with white paint, which is beautiful and generous, and can prevent the appearance of rust. The lamp tube adopts explosion-proof Philips high-efficiency light source, which is safe, energy-saving and easy to maintain. The ballast adopts the special electronic ballast for the spray booth, so as to ensure that the light intensity of each spray booth is ≥ 800Lux and meet the spraying operation of each end face of the workpiece. The light box and the wall panel are connected by small angle iron, and the light box is equipped with a detachable frame for easy maintenance.


Safety alarm system

The differential pressure detection alarm adopts the sound and light alarm mode, and is interlocked with the air supply and exhaust system to cut off the fan operation and remind the operator to replace the filter material; Install a pressure lock on the pedestrian door for control. When the indoor pressure is too high, it can automatically open the pedestrian door for pressure relief; The combustible gas detection and alarm instrument has a central control system and multiple detection channels, which can connect multiple probes. The probes are placed on each indoor working section to monitor the indoor combustible gas concentration at any time and send out alarm signals.

Electronic control system

The electric control scheme strives to be economical, reasonable in structure, safe and reliable. The principle of proximity setting is adopted. The electric control cabinet is vertical with front and rear doors. All electrical components are installed in the control cabinet. Each motor operation control circuit is equipped with corresponding low-voltage circuit breaker, thermal relay and other protection components to realize short-circuit and overload protection of the motor; Air supply and exhaust are automatically controlled by PLC; The user is responsible for the primary power distribution (i.e. power transmission from the workshop power distribution cabinet to the equipment electric control cabinet), and we are responsible for the secondary power distribution (i.e. power transmission from the equipment electric control cabinet to the equipment). The design and installation of the electric control system comply with the relevant national electrical safety specifications, with high reliability, reasonable layout and convenient maintenance.



Serial numberentry nameParameters / specifications
1Interior dimensions of electric heating paint baking room3.0m(L)X3.0m(W)X2.2m(H)
2Theoretical circulating air volume≥4800m3/h

Fan modelGW4C

Air volume4804m3/h

Total pressure1400Pa

Power of circulating fan4kw

Drying temperature≦200℃

Heating time≦30min

Heating value60Kw

Heating modeElectric heating
4Makeup air volume of fresh air≦400m3/h
5Waste gas treatment methodActivated carbon system + RCO catalytic combustion, molecular sieve zeolite runner adsorption + catalytic combustion
6Installation power≦66kw


the equipment dimensions are for reference and can be designed and manufactured according to the customer's product dimensions.

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Why do you choose Jiutong

Jiutong quality assurance

  • Company strength

    1. It has double certificates of ISO9001 quality management system and environmental management system to protect the product quality

    2. In 2014, it was listed as a high-tech environmental protection coating enterprise recognized by aerospace enterprises

    3. National high-tech enterprise and safety production standardization certification company

  • Technical strength

    1. Complete the technological innovation of "coating industrial robot", "coating waste gas treatment system", "environmental protection recycling abrasive recovery system" and "composite strong sand absorption base plate technology"

    2. Obtained 8 national patents and possessed independent intellectual property rights

    3. More than ten years of experience in the application and implementation of equipment (standard and non-standard) and production line customization projects, which is trustworthy

  • Quality price

    1. Not practicing fraud and sticking to quality is the first lifeline of the enterprise

    2. The source equipment manufacturer has a warranty period of two years (excluding vulnerable and consumable parts), and the price is guaranteed on the basis of quality assurance

  • after-sale service

    1. Have a professional trained construction team to complete the project with quality assurance

    2. The after-sales department implements 7 * 24-hour telephone or online service

    3. It has after-sales service stations in Beijing, Shandong and Zhejiang, and has a perfect after-sales system with high troubleshooting efficiency

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