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Service support

The equipment within the scope of Jiutong contracting shall be designed, manufactured, installed, commissioned, delivered and accepted in accordance with the system procedures specified in ISO9001, and shall bear all responsibilities. The company shall adhere to the core concept of "customer needs as the center, sincere focus, and honesty", implement professional services, establish a long-term effective management mechanism, and provide all-round services for the use of customer products

Pre sales service

Professional consulting services: Jiutong can provide you with information consultation on products, prices, technologies, industrial applications, etc. at any time. You can consult through telephone, website, letter, door-to-door and other channels.

Free scheme design: corresponding coating production line equipment solutions can be designed according to the actual situation of the customer's production line, and 3D renderings of the whole plant installation can be designed for free, and feasible construction drawings and power pipe network installation drawings (CAD) can be issued

Provide on-site visit service: you can make an appointment to visit our production workshop, office, etc. for on-site investigation. We will provide you with professional and considerate services.

On sale service

1. Integrity and fairness: no matter how large or small your contract amount, whether new or old customers, whether domestic or foreign customers, we will follow the principle of integrity and fairness to receive them

2. Quality assurance: for each equipment you order, we will strictly follow the product standards for production, conduct multiple quality inspections, and strictly follow the contract terms; The equipment complies with national 3C certification and ISO9001 quality system certification, and provides product technical data (including installation instructions, product packing catalogue, product operation instructions, certificate of conformity and warranty certificate, etc.).

3. Production, installation and commissioning: including design and manufacture of non-standard parts, inspection of equipment production quality, delivery of goods to the construction site, construction and arrival of on-site personnel, welding of equipment, electrical voltage and pipeline layout, linkage of equipment, installation and commissioning of equipment control system, etc. while ensuring quality and construction period, attention shall be paid to the manufacturer's on-site 5S management.

Installation training
From  the aspects of equipment performance, precautions for operation and  maintenance, plate characteristic analysis and paint film characteristic  test, equipment simple maintenance knowledge, paint application skills,  etc., on-site professional training is conducted to guide the coating  to produce qualified finished products, so that each customer's operator  can become a professional coating technician.

after-sale service
    • 1. Warranty period

      In order to protect the vital interests of customers, the equipment has a 2-year warranty (excluding vulnerable parts) and lifelong maintenance

    • 2. Maintenance

      In case of receiving a repair call, the after-sales engineer will provide a clear solution within 4 hours. The general fault telephone, wechat, video, etc. will guide the solution. If it needs to be handled on site, it will arrive at the factory within 24 hours within the province and 48 hours outside the province.

      If one of the following circumstances is not covered by the warranty, we will charge relevant fees according to regulations

      Equipment damage caused by improper use, maintenance and storage

      Equipment damage caused by self modification or disassembly and maintenance

      Equipment without purchase ticket and ex factory date

      Force Majeure: damage caused by natural disasters or use environment

      Equipment whose warranty period has expired

    • 3. Monthly and quarterly visits

      According to the use of the customer's equipment, implement the telephone monthly visit system and the on-site quarterly inspection (real-time tracking and record archiving)

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