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Gantry 8-axis painting robot

The gantry eight axis spray painting robot is a fully automatic equipment installed in the spray painting room to carry out the spray painting operation. It replaces manual work, thus improving the efficiency and quality of spray painting, safety, environmental protection and energy conservation! There are 8 axes, i.e. x-axis, y-axis, z-axis, R-axis, s-axis, T-axis, v-axis and W-axis, which are used to control the movement of the spray gun and realize the painting operation without dead angle and blind area. Jiutong has more than 10 years of experience in the design, production, installation and after-sales of non-standard equipment. It can reasonably recommend the corresponding overall solution of painting equipment according to the needs of customers, think what customers want and do what customers want!

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  • High efficiency: no intermittent operation, each shaft has high-speed motion performance, greatly optimizing the production beat, and high production efficiency

  • High precision: 8 servo motors, 1 DC motor, nozzle swing type, painting accuracy up to 0.1mm, repetitive positioning accuracy up to 0.01mm, ensuring consistent high-quality coating

  • High flexibility: the robot can be customized; It can clean a single workpiece, or dynamically and synchronously track the conveyor belt, and cooperate with the production line to spray; Widely used, suitable for various special-shaped workpieces, with high utilization rate

  • Good spraying quality: the distance and angle of the nozzle can be continuously adjusted, and the amount of spraying oil can be flexibly controlled to ensure uniform coating, stable speed, good gloss and high product qualification rate

  • Energy saving and environmental protection: robot spraying, the air in the painting room can be recycled, which can greatly save ventilation power consumption and heat loss; The VOC treatment cost is saved. Since the air in the paint booth is recycled, the concentration of exhaust gas at the exhaust is increased to reach the concentration of exhaust gas desorbed after activated carbon adsorption, so the activated carbon adsorption equipment is saved.

  • Cost reduction: built in oil saving program, high efficiency and paint saving, saving 30% of paint; Compact structure, reduce space, reduce ventilation, and effectively save energy; Long service life, no wearing parts, simple maintenance, less wearing parts such as guide rail and belt than the five axis painting table.


Gantry 8-axis painting robot is widely used in large-scale public buildings for all-round painting / powder spraying / sand blasting, such as wind power, rail transit, ships, aerospace, transformers, large steel structures, heavy castings, high-speed rail, etc.






Axis 1
X axisMove longitudinally along the operation room11-2=8(m)100-600mm/s
    Axis 2    Y axis
    Move horizontally along the operation room    7.5-1.8=5.7(m)
    Axis 3    Z axis    Move vertically along the operation room    8.5-3.8=4.5(m)
    Axis 4    R axis    Horizontal rotation axi    360°
Axis 5S axisLarge joint rotation axis160°
Axis 6T axisFacet rotation axis240°1-6r/min
    Axis 7    V axis    Jib rotation    360°
Axis 8W axisSpray gun swing±180°


Within 4 weeks after signing the contract, our company will provide the following technical data:

Serial numbername numberCopies of paper versionCopies of electronic versionremarks
general drawing of equipment31
2equipment foundation installation drawing and technical requirements31

3equipment size, net weight and gross weight31
    4    equipment power configuration requirements    3    1

5Installed power capacity of equipment3

After the final acceptance of the equipment, our company provides the following technical data:

Serial numbername numberCopies of paper versionCopies of electronic versionremarks
Equipment operation manual31
2Equipment safety operation and maintenance procedures31

3General design drawing of each functional equipment31
    Electrical design drawing    3

    Details and drawings of vulnerable parts    3

    Robot program

7PLC program


Why do you choose Jiutong

Jiutong quality assurance

  • personnel training

    Our company is responsible for the on-site paternity training for the operation and maintenance personnel of the robot for 1 week. The relevant personnel trained will have the following skills:        

    1. Master the daily mechanical and electrical maintenance and repair of the equipment

    2. Enable the operator to be familiar with various technical performances of the machine and precautions for safe production, so as to achieve the level of independent operation, programming, maintenance and repair

    3. Be able to operate the machine skillfully and master basic programming methods

    4. Master the setting and adjustment of machine process parameters

    5. Master the daily maintenance and general troubleshooting of the machine

    6. Understand the principle of control system and PLC program

  • acceptance of work

    1. Before the equipment leaves the factory, the Seller shall notify the buyer to conduct pre acceptance before leaving the factory

    2. Final acceptance: the final acceptance shall be carried out one week after the trial production of the equipment reaches the design capacity specified in the contract and is put into operation

  • After sales service and technical support

    1. The warranty period of the system (except for robots) is 12 months from the date of acceptance by the end user. During the warranty period, the Seller shall be responsible for repairing or replacing parts for free due to product quality problems

    2. During the warranty period, the Seller shall repair or replace all equipment failures or parts damage caused by equipment quality problems free of charge, and give a reply and solution within 4 hours after receiving the buyer's failure notice, and try to arrive at the site within 24 hours if necessary

    3. After the expiration of the warranty period, the seller is obliged to be responsible for the lifelong paid service of the product and provide spare parts at a preferential price

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