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Natural gas spray paint drying room

Natural gas is used as heating energy, with good combustion conditions, rapid adjustment and high degree of automatic control, which can meet the drying and curing requirements of various workpieces; Combustion is completely pollution-free, clean and hy

Electric heating paint baking room

The electric heating drying room solidifies the paint film and sealant through heating pipes, which can be divided into ordinary electric heating pipes and infrared heating pipes. After drying, the paint film has reliable quality, high surface gloss and s

Natural gas radiant heating paint drying room

The natural gas radiation heating drying room can directly transfer energy to the coating. After radiation, the temperature of the workpiece itself to the infrared radiation does not change much, but the temperature of the coating will rise rapidly and dr

Steam heating paint drying room

The steam heating paint drying room is used to accelerate the drying process of water-based and solvent-based coatings. The steam heating method is combined with the advanced hot air circulation system to make the temperature distribution of the upper, lo


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