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Scraper Vacuum Sandblasting Room

The scraper + vacuum recovery equipment and separator are used to realize the transportation and recycling of sand materials. The scraper design has a shallow foundation (generally 500-900mm). The foundation can also be built on the ground without digging

Sand Blasting Room With Wind Recycling

Pneumatic conveying principle and honeycomb sand absorption floor technology are adopted to realize sand blasting operation and sand recycling operation, and dust remover (filter cartridge or cloth bag) is equipped to suck dust into dust removal pipeline

Mechanical Recycling Sandblasting Room

Mechanical recovery sandblasting room adopts mechanical power to transport and recover abrasives, which can be divided into three ways: belt conveyor, scraper and screw machine. It cooperates with bucket elevator and separator to realize the transportatio

Four-axis sandblasting robot

The four axis sandblasting robot is equipped with four axes, and the side wall four axis robot: X (longitudinal movement), s (large joint rotation axis), t (small joint rotation axis), w (spray gun swing) axis. It has the advantages of energy conservation

Six-axis sandblasting robot

The six axis sandblasting robot is equipped with six axes, namely, X axis, Z axis, s axis, t axis, V axis and W axis (side wall six axis sandblasting robot). Compared with the four axis robot, the Z axis and V axis are added, which can perform vertical mo

Gantry seven-axis sandblasting

The gantry 7-axis sandblasting robot is equipped with 7 axes, namely X axis, Y axis, Z axis, R axis, s axis, t axis and W axis. The gantry frame structure can meet the continuous sandblasting operation of large workpieces, with large enclosed working spac

Gantry 8-axis sandblasting robot

Longmen eight axis paint spraying robot is a device installed in the sand blasting room for sand blasting and rust removal, which replaces manual work, so as to improve the efficiency and quality of sand blasting, safety and environmental protection! Eigh

9-axis sandblasting robot

The 9-axis sandblasting robot is equipped with 9 axes, which are x axis, Y axis, Z axis, R axis, s axis, t axis, U axis and W axis. The gantry frame structure is adopted, which can meet the continuous sandblasting and cleaning operation of large workpiece

AGV mobile sandblasting robot

AGV robot is a set of intelligent painting system using X, y, Z numerical control motion platform, manipulator, intelligent control, 3D modeling, 3D simulation technology. The linkage control of 6 joints realizes the one-time positioning of the platform,

Circulating environmental protection sandblasting machine

BDH circulating environmental protection sandblasting machine is characterized by recyclability, environmental protection and multi-purpose. It can be divided into two series: electric and pneumatic according to the different recovered power. Both of them

Full automatic dry sand blasting machine

The full-automatic dry sandblasting machine uses compressed air as the power and various recyclable Abrasives as the medium to realize automatic sandblasting of different workpiece batches. All sandblasting processes are completed automatically, such as g

Open sand blasting machine

Open sand blasting machine is an ideal equipment for large-area cleaning and metal surface strengthening before coating. It can be used for ship repair, mining machinery, steel structural parts, bridges, engineering machinery, railways, oil pipelines, con

Roller passing shot blasting machine

The roller pass shot peening machine focuses on the surface cleaning of metal plates and profiles, mainly aiming at steel workpiece, removing its surface rust, oxide skin, dirt, etc., eliminating internal stress, improving workpiece fatigue resistance and

Catenary shot blasting machine

The catenary passing shot blasting machine can be divided into continuous type, step-by-step type and accumulative type according to the workpiece conveying mode. It is mainly applicable to the surface cleaning and strengthening of large quantities of s












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