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Aerospace coating production line solutions

Aerospace is a diversified industry, including satellites, launch vehicles and aircrafts. They are highly complex flight equipment composed of specific components. Each component, whether external or internal, requires coatings with special characteristics, such as solar reflection, conductivity, low gas release, strong corrosion resistance and dry and wet corrosion resistance. This poses unique challenges to aerospace coating production lines.

Jiutong is a service provider focusing on Intelligent Coating environmental protection solutions. Through the landing of coating projects such as China launch vehicle Research Institute (703 Institute), China Aerospace Missile Research Institute (301 Institute), China Aerospace Science and industry group, China Shenzhou aircraft Co., Ltd., China launch vehicle technology research institute, Xi'an Xi'an Xi'an Xi'an Xi'an group, it has rich experience in aerospace coating production line design, R & D, production, installation and after-sales, Lay a solid foundation for the successful implementation of subsequent projects!

Coating production line case workpiece Aerospace workpiece attribute

Serial numberWorkpiece nameSize (long × wide × High)mmweight KGyield
1Aerospace Structures4000×620×620200

Process design process of Jiutong aerospace structural parts coating production line

1. Transportation equipment of aerospace structural parts coating production line

One or more combinations of transportation modes shall be selected. It is recommended that the common chain + workshop crane, and the common hanging conveyor chain is used as the single point lifting weight of the conveying equipment is 125kg; If the chain pitch is 80mm and the hanging distance is 4800m and the daily output is 100 sets, the process speed of the assembly line is: v = (4.8m × 100)/(14 × 60) = 0.57m/min, the design parameter is v = 0.6m/min, the process chain speed is 0.2m/min-1.00m/min, and the speed is adjustable by frequency conversion.

2. Coating process flow of aerospace structural parts

Online - degreasing - Cleaning - surface conditioning - phosphating - cleaning 1 - cleaning 2 - moisture drying - powder spraying - curing - strong cooling - offline

Serial numberProcess nameProcess methodOperation modeOperation modeTemperature (℃)
1Upper part

4Surface tonespray

6clean 1

7clean 2Hot air circulation
Powder spraying
10Strong cold

Multi pipe small cyclone dust collector + filter element filter combination mode is adopted, which is two-stage dust removal; Drying heat source: natural gas

Aerospace structural parts are the highlight of tank car coating production line

In order to ensure the purification efficiency and service life of the activated carbon adsorption bed, it is determined to set a primary paint mist filter in front of the activated carbon adsorption bed. The internal structure is our unique VQ pretreatment system. Save the use of filter cotton and reduce the number of replacement

Two sets of exhaust and adsorption systems in the roll coating room share one set of catalytic combustion regeneration system. Reduce total equipment power and investment cost.

The design specifications and standards of activated carbon adsorption bed combine with the size of the existing exhaust fan unit, place as much activated carbon as possible according to the design standard of filtration wind speed, increase the adsorption saturation period of activated carbon, try to meet the filtration wind speed required in the design specifications, reduce the number of periodic desorption, and improve the service life of activated carbon.

Internal circulation is adopted in the desorption of catalytic combustion regeneration system. Based on our experience for many years, the desorbed hot gas and decomposed exhaust gas are recycled by heat exchange, and then discharged when the desorption is completed. A concentration detection device is set in the hot air pipeline after the decomposition of waste gas to ensure that the desorbed hot gas is clean thermal air and will not cause secondary pollution to the activated carbon when it is recycled to the adsorption bed for desorption. Greatly improve the utilization of heat and reduce the loss of heating energy.

The activated carbon with high typical value shall be selected to ensure the adsorption effect of the activated carbon and improve the adsorption efficiency and service life of the activated carbon. The honeycomb activated carbon with typical value ≥ 800 shall be selected as the concentration medium.

The catalytic combustion furnace is equipped with flame arrester, fire damper and other devices, which are controlled by PLC to realize interlocking control with each electrical system and interlock with the control system of the original roll coating room. When there is a fault, the alarm will be given. The overall adsorption bed is equipped with a nitrogen fire fighting system to further avoid potential safety hazards caused by fire.

Noise reduction room shall be added for all fans, and silencing facilities shall be provided to control the noise ≤ 80D

The overall design complies with the design specifications of energy conservation, environmental protection and safety.

Equipment list of aerospace structural parts coating production line

Serial numberEquipment nameSize (long × wide × High) mmquantity
1Degreasing equipment8000×1800×2500mm1Set
2Washing equipment3700x1600x4100mm1Set
3Moisture drying room5000×1800×2500mm bridge type1Set
4Drying room12000×1800x2500mm Bridge drying furnace1Set
5Strong cooling chamber5000×1800×25001Set
6Transportation modeHanging conveyor chain1Set
7Transport process trolley
8Air purification system
9Spraying deviceGraco, USA4Set


the equipment dimensions are for reference and can be designed and manufactured according to the customer's product dimensions.

If you want to customize it, you can click this text

Advantages of aerospace structural parts coating production line

All components can be customized (such as size, material, brand, process, function, etc.)

1、 Degreasing equipment

Degreasing is to remove the oil on the surface of the workpiece and improve the adhesion of the coating on the surface of the workpiece. It consists of degreasing tank, spraying pipeline, heating device, temperature control, etc.


Degreasing tankTank heating deviceSpray pipelinetemperature controlOil removal deviceWashing equipment

It is a rectangular groove, and the groove body is composed of δ It is made of 3mm sus steel plate structure, and the bottom of the tank is designed as a slope (3% inclination), which is convenient for slag discharge and flushing; The inlet and make-up pipes are set at the groove mouth, the bottom of the groove is provided with a discharge port, and the discharge valve is set at the bottom of the groove to facilitate the clean discharge of water. The tank body shall be coated with heavy anti-corrosion coating for anti-corrosion.

The water capacity of the pre degreasing tank is 1.92m3/h, the power distribution heating power is 25kW, the water capacity of the degreasing tank is 3.84m3/h, the power distribution heating power is 50KW, and the first heating time is 5 hours. After continuous production, the tank temperature will not drop below 40 degrees every day, and the tank temperature rise time will not be more than 1 hour. Direct heating mode: stainless steel electric heater is directly installed in the water tank.

The spray pipe is composed of main pipe, spray pipe, water pump, nozzle, interceptor, filter and other components. The spray pipe is SUS304 pipe, and the spacing between each spray pipe is 300mm. Flange connection is adopted to facilitate maintenance and cleaning. The spacing between the nozzles on each spray pipe is 300mm, and the nozzle with adjustable angle is selected. The water pump is a pipeline pump. Valves are set at the inlet and outlet of the water pump to facilitate the maintenance of the water pump. A filter is set at the inlet of the water pump.

The bath temperature is controlled automatically by the original platinum thermistor temperature sensor imported from Japan and the original intelligent temperature controller imported from Japan with PID adjustment (wherein the temperature controller is equipped with over temperature protection). The electric heater is automatically switched on or off according to the set value of the bath temperature, so as to achieve automatic detection, automatic display and automatic control of the bath temperature.

The separation treatment was carried out by heating and static separation. The degreasing liquid is pumped to the oil-water separation tank (size 1700 × eight hundred × 1000mm) is heated in the oil-water separation tank at a temperature of 80 ° C. by taking advantage of the physical property that oil is lighter than water, oil molecules float to the upper part to be stored in a certain amount, and then flow into the oil collecting drum through the oil collecting tank for manual collection and removal. A return pipeline is set at the bottom of the tank, and the tank liquid automatically flows back to the treatment tank.

It is composed of water tank, spray washing pipeline and filter; The water tank is rectangular, and the tank body is composed of δ It is made of 3mm sus steel plate structure, and the bottom of the tank is designed as a slope (3% inclination), which is convenient for slag discharge and flushing; The inlet and make-up pipes are set at the groove mouth, the bottom of the groove is provided with a discharge port, and the discharge valve is set at the bottom of the groove to facilitate the clean discharge of water. The tank body is provided with an overflow port. If the water level is too high, it can overflow into the nearby drainage ditch. The water washing tank is composed of two tanks. The reverse washing process is adopted to save water

2、 Powder spraying room


Working principle of electrostatic powder spraying: the powder gun sprays charged powder particles to the workpiece. Under the action of electric field, the powder particles are adsorbed to the surface of the workpiece, and the powder particles are leveled and solidified to form a coating method. During operation, the powder is mixed with air in the powder feeder and then sent to the powder gun. The high voltage generated by the high-voltage electrostatic generator is connected to the interior of the powder gun or the gun head. The powder particles are charged at the interior or outlet of the powder gun. Under the combined action of pneumatic force and electrostatic force, the powder particles are directionally sprayed onto the workpiece. At the same time, it can also be adsorbed to the back of the workpiece under the action of electric field force, but the coating is thin. When the powder attached to the workpiece reaches a certain thickness, electrostatic repulsion occurs, and the subsequent powder is not easy to be absorbed again to achieve a uniform film thickness. The workpieces are leveled and solidified under the action of temperature in the curing furnace to form a uniform coating.

Powder spraying roomManual powder gunTwo stage recovery deviceFilter elementFan and air duct

The stainless steel plate assembly combined structure is adopted, with a plate thickness of 1.5mm. The wall plate and the top plate are assembled plates with outward folded edges, which are connected by bolts. All plate joints are treated with sealant. The surface of the chamber is flat, clean, easy to remove powder, and easy to change color; The top of the chamber is an arc plate to prevent electrostatic powder deposition; The bottom of the chamber adopts self-cleaning design, which can effectively prevent dust deposition and automatically recover accumulated dust; The indoor lighting device is equipped to meet the national requirements for illumination in the powder room. It is installed on the glass on the top of the outside of the powder spraying cabinet, and there is no shadow in the visual direction; The suction port of the powder room is equipped with a guide plate to improve the suction wind speed and the powder loading rate, and at the same time, the large particle powder that will sink to the bottom is recovered in time to maintain the indoor cleanliness.

The imported Jinma manual powder spraying equipment is adopted, including one set of electrostatic control box, one set of built-in high-voltage electrostatic generator, one detachable stainless steel powder supply barrel (matched with manual gun), one set of powder pump, powder pipe and low-voltage cable. The gun system is the best powder spraying equipment in the world at present, with reliable performance and extremely light weight. It has a detachable high-voltage module (the high-voltage module is close to the nozzle, with low voltage loss and convenient modular maintenance). The powder supply barrel and compact controller have good electrostatic shielding effect, and can ensure the best spraying effect and uniform spraying quality. The powder supply bucket can be disassembled without tools, which is clean, convenient and fast.

Multi pipe small cyclone dust collector + filter element filter combination mode is adopted, which is two-stage dust removal. It has automatic powder recovery, high recovery rate and complete purification. The recovered powder is returned to the powder supply bucket of the powder supply system through the lower part of the multi tube small cyclone. The powder can be reused after it falls into the powder supply bucket and passes through the screen. The inner walls of the large cyclone and the return air duct are very smooth to ensure that the recovered powder will not adhere to the inner walls. The wind speed in the air duct shall be controlled so that the dust is always suspended, and no dust will be accumulated, so manual cleaning is not required; It can effectively separate the fine dust in the powder and make it enter the second stage recovery device. The dust removal efficiency of the second stage filter element recovery device is 99%.

The filter element is manufactured by Donaldson of the United States, with long service life and good filtering effect. The back blowing control device inside the filter element can effectively and completely remove the powder attached to the surface, ensuring the quality of powder recovery and the utilization rate of powder. The efficiency of powder recovery can reach 99%. The main body of the box is made of cold rolled carbon steel plate Q235A, with a thickness of 2mm; The back blowing device is composed of a pulse controller and a back blowing electromagnetic pulse valve. The automatic control is realized after the setting of the pulse controller. The pulse controller adopts CMOS digital integrated circuit, which greatly improves the anti-interference performance. It consumes less power, has no noise, no spark, no mechanical vulnerable parts, small volume, light weight, long service life, reliable operation and convenient maintenance.

The fan adopts 4-72no4.5a centrifugal fan with good performance, high efficiency, beautiful appearance, compact structure, stable operation and convenient installation; The frame is welded with channel steel and angle steel to ensure its bearing capacity; Air supply pipes are all made of δ 1.2mm high-quality galvanized steel plate is made of bite, and the pipeline is formed without deformation; A damper or elastic reducer is installed at the bottom of the fan, and a fan noise reduction room is set to ensure that the system noise is controlled below 75dBA. The air duct adopts δ The 1.2mm high-quality galvanized steel plate is made of bite, and the connection between pipelines adopts flange connection, and asbestos rope is filled between flanges as sealing material.

3、 Drying room

The drying chamber is heated by hot-air circulating gas. It adopts a straight-through structure. Through the circulating fan and pipe, the heated air enters the drying chamber to exchange heat with the workpiece, so as to heat the workpiece. The air after heat exchange is collected by the return air pipe and returned to the combustion chamber together with the supplementary fresh air to form an internal circulation. In order to make the indoor temperature distribution uniform and ensure the baking effect, the circulating mode of central air supply at the bottom and return air at both sides of the upper part is adopted in the design of this scheme, which effectively utilizes the indoor space, improves the indoor effective volume utilization coefficient, saves energy, reduces the installed power, and facilitates the cleaning of the drying channel. Both ends of the drying room are equipped with electric translation doors to increase the thermal insulation performance. The drying temperature is automatically controlled by the temperature sensor, and the measurement and control points are set in the length direction.


Drying chamber bodyGas burnerCirculating fanAir supply and return pipes

The column, beam and purlin of the framework of the room are made of profile steel. All framework materials are subject to anti-corrosion treatment, with good thermal insulation performance and large bearing capacity; The thickness of wall plate in the chamber is δ 0.5mm color steel plate, the thickness of outer wall plate is δ 0.50mm corrugated color steel plate with intermediate filling δ 100mm thick rock wool sandwich (rock wool density is 120kg / m3) insulation board, and the material of the chamber body is δ 1.5mm cold plate, so that the temperature of the outer wall plate is not higher than 5 ° C of the room temperature; The insulation wall panel is of tongue and groove type structure; Imitation door openings are set at both ends of the chamber, and the size of the door openings is (W × H):400 × 2900mm

In order to ensure the adhesion between the paint film and the workpiece substrate in winter, it is generally required that the ambient temperature should be ≥ 15 ゜ C. the added heating device ensures the spraying effect of the operation at low temperature in winter and is integrated into the air supply system; According to the requirements of heating power value in winter, btg28p two-stage fire gas burner of Italian "Baltur" company is selected as the burner, which is safe and energy-saving

4-72 / 4-73 centrifugal fan, no temperature resistance requirement, belt pulley drive, low energy consumption, high efficiency and strong stability; The fan base adopts channel steel, angle steel and industrial profiles welded into a frame, which is firm and durable; Multi blade impeller, made of 16Mn, with noise no more than 85dB (a); The air volume, air pressure and other parameters of the fan meet the design requirements

Outdoor part of air duct adopts δ 50mm rock wool insulation material for insulation and reuse δ Wrapped with 0.5mm galvanized steel plate, it is easy to install and beautiful in appearance. In order to promote the strong circulation of hot air in the room and make it evenly distributed, regulating butterfly valves are set at the inlet of air supply pipe, return pipe, fresh air makeup pipe and exhaust gas discharge pipe; The air supply and return pipes in the drying room are all made of δ 1.2mm galvanized plate undercut production, without welding, to ensure the beauty of the pipeline; Flange connection is adopted for connection between pipelines, and asbestos rope is filled between flanges as sealing material; The air duct is arranged in the whole length direction of the drying room to ensure uniform air supply and return.

Temperature control systemHigh temperature resistant filterExhaust emission systemAir curtain system

The drying temperature can be adjusted and set as required to meet the needs of coating production development and different coatings; The temperature in the furnace is displayed and automatically controlled by the digital temperature controller. The collected signal is sent to the temperature controller of the control cabinet. The temperature controller automatically controls the work of the burner according to the set drying temperature value to ensure that the temperature in the chamber meets the completion of the drying task; It has the function of overtemperature sound and light alarm and automatic interlock shutdown

A filter device is set at the air outlet to ensure the cleanliness of circulating air. 3001gg high-temperature resistant coarse effect flat filter is selected. It is made of alkali free glass fiber filaments. The fiber layer is thin to dense from the windward side to the leeward side, effectively blocking dust. It has the characteristics of large air volume, small resistance, flame retardancy, chemical corrosion resistance and excellent radiation resistance.

The waste gas is directly introduced into the hot-air furnace through the manual butterfly valve and traction fan, and then discharged at high altitude after incineration.

In order to block the heat loss when the door of the drying room is opened and reduce the energy consumption, the air curtain device is designed at the inlet and outlet of the drying room. The air curtain flow direction adopts the side supply and side suction structure. According to the calculation, the air volume of the air curtain air supply system is determined to be 5064m3 / h.

4、 Strong cooling chamber


The workpieces from the drying chamber enter the strong cooling chamber. The strong cooling room is mainly composed of the room body, fan, air duct and air box. The air supply and exhaust boxes are separated. The air supply fan takes in air from the workshop and sends fresh cold air into the room; The exhaust fan exhausts the indoor hot air transferred by the workpiece into the workshop. In order to improve the wind speed, the adjustable blowing nozzle is used for air supply to speed up the heat dissipation on the workpiece surface.

Strong cold chamber bodyForced cooling air supply systemAir supply ductFan boxelectric control system

The framework of the strong cooling section and the rigid frame of the conveying system are common structures. In order to ensure sufficient supporting rigidity, the column is made of profile steel. All framework materials are sandblasted and painted, with good thermal insulation performance and large bearing capacity; For wall plate of strong cold section δ 50mm thick rock wool color steel sandwich plate is assembled. The outer plate is 0.6mm color steel plate, and the inner plate is 1.0mm galvanized steel plate. The structure is firm, the seal is reliable, the color is dignified, and the flame retardant.

320 air nozzles are arranged in the strong cooling chamber 1, 640 air nozzles are arranged in the strong cooling chamber 2. The framework of the blower cover plate is welded with L40 * 3 angle steel, and the cover plate is Q235 δ 2.0 steel plate production, blowing nozzle diameter φ 50。 The blower cover is firmly connected with the inner wall of the chamber.

The air supply pipes of the air cooling room are all made of δ 1.2mm galvanized plate undercut fabrication, no welding required. Ensuring the appearance of the pipeline; Flange connection is adopted for connection between pipelines, and asbestos rope is filled between flanges as sealing material.

The profile steel f80x4 rectangular steel pipe is used as the framework, and the surface is laid δ 50mm thick rock wool sandwich plate, inner wall plate material is δ 1mm galvanized steel plate, the thickness of the outer wall plate is δ 0.6mm corrugated color steel plate, filled with rock wool.

The whole electrical system adopts centralized control. The core components are controlled by PLC and HMI. The PLC adopts Siemens series products. The HMI adopts PWS products of Taiwan hitech. All equipment is controlled by PLC. The temperature control system adopts RKC digital intelligent temperature controller; Each system has manual and automatic operation modes; The air supply and exhaust fans in the paint booth adopt interlocking circuit; The circulating fan and heater in the drying room are equipped with interlocking devices.

5、 Hanging conveyor chain

The common chain hanging conveyor is adopted, with high mechanization and automation. It is mainly used in the production process with many connecting procedures, short beats and relatively stable process methods; It has good space and can make arbitrary rotation in the horizontal and vertical planes. According to the needs of the process flow, through reasonable process line design, it can cross a long route, bypass obstacles, and transport the workpieces to the designated place according to the predetermined route, so as to achieve the production purpose of moving objects. Thus, each single independent professional production link can be matched into an automatic assembly line, improve the productivity and product quality, and strengthen the management level. In addition, the machine can continuously transport the workpieces through the high-temperature drying channel, the toxic gas area, the powder spraying room, the pre-treatment of dipping paint, the freezing room, etc., and complete the production process that is difficult to operate manually. So as to improve the working conditions of workers. At the same time, the machine also has the advantages of less power consumption, low noise, stable operation, easy operation and safe use.


DrivechainCarriageSlingSlewing devicesafety net

The transmission device with planetary reducer V-belt structure is adopted. The standard number of teeth of the driving wheel is 10. If the user has special needs, the red driving wheel with the number of teeth of 13 and 16 can also be provided. The speed range is 0.5 ~ 10m / min. considering the stability and service life of the line transportation, it is recommended that the linear speed is 2 ~ 6m / min within the allowable range of the transportation volume.

The chain is the traction part of the conveyor. The xt-100 ordinary hanging conveyor adopts a die forged detachable chain, which has greatly improved the comprehensive mechanical performance of the chain after heat treatment. The chain can rotate freely in the horizontal direction in addition to the linear movement. The maximum angle of each section in the vertical plane is 9 °; Chain pitch: T = 76.20mm, breaking load: 110kN, allowable chain tension: 10kN, weight per meter: 3.8kg/m

The trolley frame is made of precision casting, with high strength and long service life. The maximum single point lifting weight of the load carriage is 125kg. The carriage is equipped with rolling bearings and a pressure injection type oil cup is also installed at the end of the carriage to ensure good lubrication and small running resistance. The maximum service temperature is 180 ℃ ~ 200 ℃. If the service temperature exceeds 200 ℃

The crane is a tool hanging on the load carriage and the heavy-duty carriage to carry goods. Its structural form is determined by the shape and process requirements of the workpiece. The customer provides the shape data or actual samples of the workpiece. The specific design and manufacture can be undertaken by the factory.

The rotary device is a horizontal direction changing device that guides the chain and the carriage to smoothly turn along the track. It is installed on the horizontal turning rail section of the line. The rotary device can be divided into three structural forms: sprocket rotation, smooth wheel rotation and roller row rotation.

In order to prevent the workpiece on the high-altitude conveyor from falling and damaging the machine or pedestrians, the safety net shall be installed in the passage and operation place of the conveyor, especially in the lifting section. In order to make the objects on the conveyor pass through the safety net smoothly, the working edge shall also keep sufficient clearance (≥ 150mm) with the safety net.

6、 Hydraulic lifting translation car

The weight of the workpiece is up to 200kg, and manual lifting and unloading is heavy manual labor. Therefore, the system of this scheme is equipped with 2 sets of mobile hydraulic lifting platforms, which are arranged at the upper and lower positions of the workpiece. The workpieces are transported to the hydraulic working platform by the trolley. The lifting hook of the conveying line moves forward in a specific direction, the conveying chain drives the lifting hook to move forward in a straight line, the operator presses the button to start, the workbench rises to a predetermined position, stops and inclines at 45 degrees. The operator hangs the hanger, the lifting hook directly hooks the workpieces, the conveying line rises, drives the workpieces to move upward, and the workpieces gradually stand up until they are completely erected and separated from the trolley, To realize the automatic on-line of workpieces, in order to ensure that all workpieces in the trolley are loaded, the trolley can move laterally, so that all workpieces can be loaded automatically. The same applies to automatic unloading. Hydraulic lifting table, the oil cylinder has self-locking pressure, no oil leakage, no falling, safe and reliable work; Inching control, control box and control button box are installed on the first and second floors; Guide rails are installed on both sides of the platform to ensure smooth operation of the elevator; The system is equipped with an emergency lowering valve for power failure. When the system is working, the lifting equipment can be lowered safely due to sudden power failure; The working platform is equipped with a 1m high simple guardrail and a baffle to prevent the workpiece from sliding out of the trolley when the inclination is 45 degrees.


Aerospace structural parts coating production line scheme standard

In line with national / industrial / local standards, the whole wind power tower coating production line is efficient, stable, safe and environmental friendly. 

National standards / industrial standards / local standardsnumber
《Corrosion grade and derusting grade of steel surface before coating》GB8923-88
《Hygienic standard for air dust in workshops》GB103328-10333-89
《Safety regulations for painting operation: safety of pretreatment process before painting and ventilation and purification》GB7692-1999
《safety standards》GB2894-1996
《 Safety requirements for protective covers of industrial enterprises 》GB8196-87
《Code for design of low voltage power distribution》GB50054-95
《Safety standard for handrail of climbing platform》GB4053-83
《Safety regulations for painting operation, safety of painting process and ventilation and purification》GB6514-1995
《Safety regulations for coating operation, labor safety and labor hygiene》
《Code for noise control design of industrial enterprises》GBJ87-85
《Safety Peugeot》GB2894-1996
《Standard for lighting design of industrial enterprises》GB50034-92
《Industrial machinery and electrical part 1: General Technology》
《General specification for electrical equipment of industrial machinery》GB/T522611-96
《Noise standards for industrial enterprises》GB12348-90
《Comprehensive emission standard of air pollutants》GB16297-1996
《General rules for safety and health requirements in production process》GB12801-91
《Hygienic standard for industrial enterprise design》TJ36-79
《Code for construction and acceptance of low voltage apparatus in electrical equipment installation engineering》
《Safety distance for mechanical protection》GB12265-90

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