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Wind power gearbox coating line solution

The wind power gearbox is an important device for the control and protection of the wind turbine. It is the main brake system for the shutdown of the wind turbine. Its service life is designed to be 15-20 years, and it is subject to the alternating effects of extreme temperature difference and extreme heat and cold all the year round. Therefore, the surface pretreatment and spraying process parameters of the wind power gearbox are particularly important. Jiutong is a professional coating environmental protection solution service provider, integrating design, production, installation and after-sales service, It can provide an overall coating production line solution according to the characteristics of wind power gearbox production process, and has mature successful cases, rich experience, strong landing, high safety and environmental protection.

Coating production line case workpiece wind power gearbox attribute

Serial numberWorkpiece nameSize (long × wide × High)mmweight KGyield
1Wind power gearbox5000×5000×4000750002000 pieces / year

Process design process of wind power gearbox coating (spraying) production line

1. Transmission equipment of wind power gearbox coating (spraying) production line

One or more combinations of transportation modes shall be selected. It is suggested that the workshop crane should be hung and the workpiece should be operated: fixed bracket and electric flat car should be used for lifting and conveying;

2. Coating process flow of wind power gearbox

Masking/cleaning-polish-Make up cleaning-preheat-Primer spraying / leveling-dry-Cooling/repair-Finish painting/leveling-dry-Mend

Serial numberworkmanshipTemperature: ℃Operation modeTime (min)remarks
1Cleaning (overall)RTartificial150Natural air intake; Operating temperature: RT; Manual scrubbing; Waste gas treatment adopts centralized treatment mode: activated carbon adsorption + catalytic combustion; Workpiece operation: fixed bracket, electric flat car lifting and conveying;
120Natural air intake; Operating temperature: RT; Manual grinding; Dust treatment method: bag filter; Workpiece operation: fixed bracket, electric flat car lifting and conveying;
3Cleaning (local), shieldingRTartificial
Natural air intake; Operating temperature: RT; Manual scrubbing and shielding; Waste gas treatment adopts centralized treatment mode: activated carbon adsorption + catalytic combustion; Workpiece operation: fixed bracket, electric flat car lifting and conveying;
4Preheating (winter)60-80dry60-100It is recommended to preheat the workpiece for 60-100min before painting in winter: fix the bracket and lift and transport the workpiece by electric flat car;
5Painting (primer, intermediate coat)240artificial100
Dry spray booth, paint mist treatment method: glass fiber filter felt + bag filter; Organic waste gas treatment mode: activated carbon adsorption desorption catalytic combustion; Air supply of air conditioning unit; Winter working temperature: 15 ℃; Summer working temperature: 35 ℃; Humidity ≤ 80%: manual painting. Workpiece operation: fixed bracket, electric flat car lifting and conveying;
6Drying (primer and intermediate coating)60-80dry60Gas heating; Hot air circulation; Workpiece operation: fixed bracket, electric flat car lifting and conveying;
7Cooling and inspectionRTartificial60
Repair of nonconforming products。
8Painting (topcoat, intermediate coat)
artificial100Dry spray booth, paint mist treatment method: glass fiber filter felt + bag filter; Organic waste gas treatment mode: activated carbon adsorption desorption catalytic combustion; Air supply of air conditioning unit; Winter working temperature: 15 ℃; Summer working temperature: 35 ℃; Humidity ≤ 80%: manual painting. Workpiece operation: fixed bracket, electric flat car lifting and conveying;
9Drying (topcoat, intermediate coat)60-80dry150Gas heating; Hot air circulation; Workpiece operation: fixed bracket, electric flat car lifting and conveying;
10Touch up paint (topcoat, intermediate coat)
artificial60Outdoor operation, manual roll coating. Workpiece operation: touch up paint at the bottom of crane hanging; Fixed bracket, electric flat car lifting and conveying;

3. Wind power gearbox coating waste gas treatment equipment

Paint exhaust→Paint mist filtration→Dry paint mist filtration+activated carbon adsorption →System fan→discharge


    Activated carbon regeneration

                                        The coating waste gas is VOCs produced by solvent based coating, which is the waste gas with large air volume and low concentration. This condition is applicable to the treatment method of concentration first and then decomposition. The paint mist is treated by high-efficiency filter cotton, and the waste gas is treated by activated carbon adsorption + catalytic combustion. Meet the environmental protection emission standards of the user's coating equipment. The organic waste gas purification device adopts a configuration of multiple activated carbon beds and one catalytic decomposition bed; The treatment air volume of each activated carbon bed is 20000 or 30000m3 / h; All activated carbon beds share a catalytic decomposition bed, and desorption is carried out in turn when it is not working.


Highlights of wind power gearbox coating production line

In order to ensure the purification efficiency and service life of the activated carbon adsorption bed, it is determined to set a primary paint mist filter in front of the activated carbon adsorption bed. The internal structure is our unique VQ pretreatment system, which saves the use of filter cotton and reduces the number of replacement.

The design specifications and standards of activated carbon adsorption bed combine with the size of the existing exhaust fan unit, place as much activated carbon as possible according to the design standard of filtration wind speed, increase the adsorption saturation period of activated carbon, try to meet the filtration wind speed required in the design specifications, reduce the number of periodic desorption, and improve the service life of activated carbon.

1 set of exhaust and adsorption system and catalytic combustion regeneration system.

The whole adsorption bed is equipped with a sprinkler fire-fighting system to further avoid potential safety hazards caused by fire.

The activated carbon with high typical value shall be selected to ensure the adsorption effect of the activated carbon and improve the adsorption efficiency and service life of the activated carbon. The honeycomb activated carbon with typical value ≥ 800 shall be selected as the concentration medium.

All fans shall be provided with noise reduction rooms and noise reduction facilities. The noise shall be controlled to ≤ 80dB. The overall design shall comply with the design specifications for energy conservation, environmental protection and safety.

Equipment list of wind power gearbox coating production line

1. Composition of equipment
Serial numberentry namequantityCompanyEquipment inner diameter: long × wide × Height (mm)
1Unpowered frame trolley8set5000×4500×700,Bearing capacity: 75t
2Cleaning and grinding room1Set8000×8000×7000
3Spray booth1Set8000×8000×7000
4Paint mixing room1between6500×3200×3000
5Drying room (1 set reserved)2between7000×7000×6300
6Constant temperature and humidity air conditioning unit1Set6200×2500×2500
7Organic waste gas treatment equipment1Set
Outdoor installation
8Electronic control system1SetSet in office

Note: the equipment dimensions are for reference and can be designed and manufactured according to the customer's product dimensions.

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2. Description of pollutant discharge of each chamber
Serial numbernameTypes of pollutantsExhaust emissionIndoor ventilation timesIndoor loaded theoretical section wind speed

VOC emission(mg/m³)Dust exhaust volume(mg/m³)m³/hsecond/hm/s

1Cleaning room21617537000≮80≮0.3 (horizontal)
2Spray booth35.8/37000≮80≮0.3 (horizontal)
3Paint mixing room1/1500≮20≮0.04 (horizontal)
4Drying room63.1/1500≮50≮0.15 (horizontal)
5Reserved drying room63.1/1500≮50≮0.15 (horizontal))


① The circulating air volume of the drying room is designed to be 15000m ³/ h;

② Dust density: 1400KG / M ³;


the equipment dimensions are for reference and can be designed and manufactured according to the customer's product dimensions.

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Advantages of components of wind power blade coating production line

All components can be customized (such as size, material, brand, process, function, etc.)

1、 Conveying equipment


Storage battery vertical and horizontal track flat car

The electric flat car is manufactured according to JB / t6127 industry standard. The frame structure material is Q235-B and the size is L6000 × W2600 × H1300mm, the steel frame of the flat car is made of high-quality steel, with reasonable structural design and strong bearing capacity (75t). The straight line can be reversed at 90 degrees. The operation mode is with wire handle or remote control, and the operating speed is 5-15m / min (stepless speed regulation is possible); The power supply mode is lead-acid battery, the endurance capacity is 3-5h, and the charging time is 5-8h; The lifting height of the table top can reach 200mm, with simple operation, convenient maintenance, strong bearing capacity, long service life and high safety performance!

2、 Pass through cleaning room equipment


Cleaning room body

The inner wall 304 stainless steel and the outer skeleton are all galvanized materials, and the wall plate is bolted to ensure that the interior will not rust due to long-term erosion of water

Bottom return tank

The water tank is made of SUS304 stainless steel plate to prevent rust; The design height of the water tank is less than 190mm, and the rear side is connected with the water pump, the return tank and the sewage treatment machine. The treated wastewater enters the sewage treatment machine for treatment in time, and then enters the reservoir for standby. The reservoir is connected with the washing machine to realize water recycling. The height of the support structure is designed to be 200mm. H-shaped steel is used as the support and beam, and the steel plate is laid on the top for heavy anti-corrosion treatment to ensure the rust and corrosion prevention on the top.

High pressure steam cleaning machine

Adjustable steam control valve, steam pressure will not decrease; High temperature, dry and wet saturated steam, easy and fast adjustment; With high energy efficiency electric heating boiler, the unique stainless steel design extends the service life, and the temperature of the machine will not be too high for a long time; With multiple guarantees, the LED control panel is equipped with a number of devices such as early warning, automatic shutdown, pressure sensing, automatic pressure relief valve, constant temperature control, fuel and water tank level sensing, boiler high water level sensing and water pump dry burning prevention, with high safety; Flexible and adjustable length of steam hose and steam spray gun; It has three operation modes of steam, high-pressure cold and hot water cleaning.

3、 High pressure grinding room

It is composed of the room body, exhaust system, dust filter system, lighting system, control system and other parts. Natural air intake and forced exhaust are adopted. The dust containing air will not diffuse to the workshop through the gaps of the room body to ensure the clean working environment of the workshop. 6-8 compressed air quick installation interfaces are set in the room.



           Chamber body

        Air duct of exhaust system

        Dry filter

        Control system

4、 Spray booth

  Spray drying integrated room


Main material of chamber

The thickness of the inner and outer wall plates of the chamber is δ 0.5mm galvanized steel plate, filled with sandwich insulation layer rock wool, rock wool δ 100mm thick, density 180kg / M ³, The temperature of the outer wall plate shall not be higher than 5 ℃ of the room temperature, the heat transfer coefficient shall not be greater than 0.38kcal / ㎡. H. ℃, and the average sound insulation capacity shall not be less than 21.5r (DB); It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, good sealing effect, good thermal insulation effect and excellent impact resistance; The column of the room body is made of steel structural section steel, all of which are sand blasted and sprayed with primer and finish paint. It has strong rust resistance and weather resistance. Its salt spray resistance is ≮ 500h, and its strength, stability, thermal insulation, sealing, impact resistance and seismic resistance meet the requirements of national or industrial standards


Adopt electric flexible lifting gate, steel welding stamping or aluminum alloy profile, anti-corrosion, salt and UV protection, track comprehensive accuracy: & lt; 3mm, one set is set at the entrance and exit of the room, and the surrounding is sealed. All tracks and door curtains are equipped with rubber seals, with good airtightness. The opening and closing speed of the door is 6-15m / min (self-defined), and the wind resistance performance: large use area (800-1500m2), and strong wind resistance performance (≤ grade 12); Safety measures: Low Voltage 24VDC control, infrared safety protection (or light curtain), door curtain operation warning light flashing, pressure airbag, etc. (some of which are optional); Control system: composed of Siemens programmable controller, Delta and other frequency converters or servo controller

emergency door

An outward opening safety door shall be set longitudinally in the room, and anti riot emergency lights shall be installed to facilitate personnel access and evacuation in case of emergency. Safety door size (width × Height) mm: 800 × 1900, the safety door is equipped with a mechanical pressure lock and an automatic door closer. When the pressure in the room exceeds 100Pa, it can automatically open the pedestrian door to relieve the pressure and play the role of explosion relief. According to the length of the roll coating drying room, 1-3 sets of safety doors are set at one side of the room

Air supply / heating system

According to the control wind speed specified in gb14444-2006 "safety regulations for painting operation - Safety Technical Regulations for painting room", and according to the requirements of industrial painting, the painting room adopts a micro negative pressure design, that is, the exhaust air volume is slightly greater than 3-5% of the air supply volume, which can prevent external dust from entering the work area.



           Swiss bellmo air valve controller

        Air supply / heating box

        Explosion proof centrifugal fan

        Explosion proof centrifugal fan

Exhaust system

One set of b4-72 explosion-proof centrifugal fan unit is provided, and the fan and motor are explosion-proof; The exhaust fan base is welded into a frame with channel steel and angle steel industrial profiles, and the exhaust pipe is made of a1.2mm high-quality galvanized steel plate, without welding, to ensure that the pipeline is formed without deformation; A damping or elastic reducer is installed at the bottom of the fan, and a fan noise reduction room is designed to ensure that the system noise is controlled below 75dBA; The size of the exhaust chimney is determined by the air flow velocity and the concentration of harmful substances discharged. The wind resistant structure is used for reinforcement in the installation.


Painting system

It is composed of American Graco manual high-pressure airless spray gun paint supply room or spraying robot, which can be customized by customers


                Graco manual high pressure airless spray gun

             Paint supply room

            Spraying robot

Paint mist filtration system

Dry type filter device is adopted and two-stage filter is provided. The filter grade is box type filter and F7 respectively. Online differential pressure transmitter is set before and after the filter to ensure the normal, safe and stable operation of the waste gas treatment system.


Box filter


F7 filter bag

The labyrinth design of the box type filter uses the centrifugal principle to ensure better filtration of paint mist. The first and second layers are made of glass fiber flame-retardant filter materials with high filtration and purification efficiency and no secondary pollution, which have the characteristics of high dust volume; The third and fourth layers are made of high-efficiency non-woven fabric materials to ensure higher dust filtration efficiency. After purification by the dust treatment device, the dust concentration in the exhaust gas is ≤ 0.04mg/nm3. The dust filter material is installed in a drawer type, which is convenient and quick to replace

The high-efficiency filter material in F7 is a non-woven fabric composed of organic synthetic fibers and microfibers. It has a gradually increasing fiber structure, with an average capture efficiency of more than 99% and a temperature resistance of 90 ℃. The filter adopts modular design to facilitate assembly, installation and disassembly, so that the equipment has good practicability. The filter frame and floor adopt full welded structure to ensure no leakage and air leakage. All exhaust gases pass through the filter bag, and the paint mist capture efficiency is up to 99%.

Waste gas treatment equipment

During painting operation, the exhaust gas shall be treated to make the treated exhaust gas meet gb3l6297-195 (comprehensive emission standard of air pollutants). In this scheme, activated carbon system + RCO catalytic combustion is adopted, and organic waste gas is adsorbed by using the adsorption characteristics of activated carbon micropores. The waste gas with low concentration, low temperature and hydrocarbon can be treated. The solvent can be recovered and reused, and the purification efficiency is as high as 90-95%. Activated carbon is a non-polar adsorbent with hydrophobic and organophilic properties. It can absorb most organic gases, such as benzene, aldehydes and ketones, alcohols, hydrocarbons, etc., as well as odor substances. After the adsorption is saturated, it can be desorbed and regenerated by hot air and put into use again


Activated carbon

Activated carbon is mainly used for purification of various organic waste gases with low concentration and large air volume, including benzene, phenol, ester, aldehyde and other organic gases such as toluene, xylene and benzene, as well as odor gas. Jiutong activated carbon uses specially shaped honeycomb activated carbon with high micropore and high specific surface area as the adsorption material, with a specific gravity 8-10 times larger than that of strip activated carbon fiber, It has the advantages of large adsorption capacity (the adsorption of organic solvent before regeneration can reach 25% of the total weight of activated carbon), small resistance, fast adsorption speed, low operating cost and long service life. The purified gas fully meets the environmental emission requirements.

Catalytic decomposition bed

When the organic waste gas passes through the honeycomb ceramic catalyst decomposition bed, HC molecules and O2 molecules are respectively adsorbed on the catalyst surface and activated, so it can be rapidly and completely oxidized and decomposed into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor at a lower temperature (200-300 ℃), and heat is released at the same time; All processes will not cause secondary pollution. The purification rate of catalytic decomposition is generally above 98%, and the reaction temperature is low and no × Generated. Using high-quality noble metal palladium and platinum as catalysts, the catalytic decomposition rate is more than 99%. It has the characteristics of high specific surface area, large reaction space velocity, long service life, low decomposition temperature, low resistance, short desorption preheating time, low energy consumption, high mechanical strength, wear resistance, heat shock resistance, good catalytic activity and thermal stability

Standard equipment


                      Lighting device

        Safety alarm system

        3D operation platform

         Electronic control system


It is dried by natural gas heating, equipped with a GS20 gas burner with a heating capacity of 200000 kcal / h, and a heat exchanger made of stainless steel plate, with a heat exchange rate of 85%.



                      Air curtain machine

   Air supply / heating box

  Explosion proof centrifugal fan

  Explosion proof centrifugal fan

Scheme standard for coating production line of wind power gearbox

In line with national / industrial / local standards, the whole wind power tower coating production line is efficient, stable, safe and environmental friendly. 

National standards / industrial standards / local standardsnumber
《Corrosion grade and derusting grade of steel surface before coating》GB8923-88
《Hygienic standard for air dust in workshops》GB103328-10333-89
《Safety regulations for painting operation: safety of pretreatment process before painting and ventilation and purification》GB7692-1999
《safety standards》GB2894-1996
《 Safety requirements for protective covers of industrial enterprises 》GB8196-87
《Code for design of low voltage power distribution》GB50054-95
《Safety standard for handrail of climbing platform》GB4053-83
《Safety regulations for painting operation, safety of painting process and ventilation and purification》GB6514-1995
《Safety regulations for coating operation, labor safety and labor hygiene》
《Code for noise control design of industrial enterprises》GBJ87-85
《Safety Peugeot》GB2894-1996
《Standard for lighting design of industrial enterprises》GB50034-92
《Industrial machinery and electrical part 1: General Technology》
《General specification for electrical equipment of industrial machinery》GB/T522611-96
《Noise standards for industrial enterprises》GB12348-90
《Comprehensive emission standard of air pollutants》GB16297-1996
《General rules for safety and health requirements in production process》GB12801-91
《Hygienic standard for industrial enterprise design》TJ36-79
《Code for construction and acceptance of low voltage apparatus in electrical equipment installation engineering》
《Safety distance for mechanical protection》GB12265-90

Wind power industry coating production line case




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