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Wind power blade coating line solution

Wind power equipment is mainly composed of blades, gear boxes, towers, etc. it is generally located at the edge of deserts, oceans, plateaus, etc., and is eroded by light, wind, sand, rain and other factors. However, the service life of general wind power equipment should reach more than 20 years, which puts forward higher requirements for the coating of the wind power industry. The coating needs better anti-corrosion performance, strong wear resistance, durable weather resistance and UV resistance

Coating production line case — workpiece wind power blade attribute

Serial numberWorkpiece nameSize (long × wide × High)mmweight KGyield
1Wind turbine blade95000×6000×600030000600 pieces / year

Process design process of wind power blade coating (spraying) production line

1. Conveying equipment of wind power blade coating (spraying) production line

One or more combinations of transportation modes are selected. It is recommended that roller support + forklift traction be adopted. The carrying capacity of the transfer vehicle is 20T

2. Coating process flow of wind power blade

Shot blasting→Flange zinc spraying-Painting (primer)→ Chinese lacquer →Topcoat →dry

Serial numberworkmanshiptime minOperation moderequirementtemperature
1Roll coating120artificialartificialT

The roller drying integrated room has the functions of painting and heating (drying). When rolling paint, it has the functions of air supply, exhaust, air purification, paint mist filtration, waste gas treatment, etc;

The equipment is provided by the room system; lighting; Static pressure pipe; Air supply / heating system; Exhaust system; Air purification system; Paint mist filtration system; Waste gas treatment system; Activated carbon bed sprinkler system and nitrogen fire extinguishing system; Safety monitoring and alarm system; Electric control system, etc.

                                                                                                                                            Painting section
Air supply
Gas extraction conditions
Air intake outside the workshop
temperature controlPainting operation: natural wind in summer; 3-9 ℃ in winter
Drying operation: 40-65 ℃
humiditySame as ambient humidity
CleanlinessG4 and G600 two-stage filtration
ExhaustPaint mist treatmentDry type (paint mist felt)
Waste gas treatmentActivated carbon adsorption catalytic combustion
Exhaust emission>15m Chimney discharge at high altitude
fire safetyCombustible gas alarm
Equipment noise≤75dB

Working principle of roller coating

During roll coating or stick coating, the air supply valve and exhaust valve are open. First, the fresh air is filtered by the fresh air filter. Under the action of the blower, the air flow enters the inlet of the static pressure chamber and is initially equalized by the guide plate. When the air flow in the static pressure chamber is uniform and exceeds the initial value of the precision filter cotton, it enters the roll coating room in the form of laminar flow. When the air containing paint mist is filtered out by the bottom filter cotton by the air induction principle in the wheel coating room, it is reflected by the organic gas in the exhaust gas through the adsorption of activated carbon, and finally the air is discharged into the atmosphere after reaching the standard. The discharged gas complies with the integrated emission standard of air pollutants (GB16297-1996). 报错 笔记 双语对照


Working principle during drying

Upper air supply and lower air return hot air circulation type. During drying, the fresh air valve is half closed and the exhaust valve is closed. The circulating air valve at the bottom of the supply fan is open. During drying, the circulating air is heated by the heat exchanger in the air supply / heating system. The drying design temperature is 0 ~ 60 ± 5 ° C, and natural gas is used as energy. Hot air is sent from the upper part and returned from the lower part. During the drying process of workpieces, the residual organic solvent in the paint film of workpieces is constantly volatilized. In order to make the content of organic solvent in the gas in the drying room lower than the lower limit of explosive concentration, the drying room keeps safe operation, a certain amount of fresh air shall be added to the circulating hot air, and a certain amount of high concentration exhaust gas shall be discharged. The drying room is equipped with a temperature sensor to display the temperature of each point and an automatic temperature regulating device to control the temperature fluctuation within ± 5 ° C.

3. Wind power blade air purification waste gas treatment equipment

Waste gas of roller paint→Paint mist filtration→Dry paint mist filtration+activated carbon adsorption →System fan→discharge         


Activated carbon regeneration

The coating waste gas is VOCs produced by solvent based coating, which is the waste gas with large air volume and low concentration. This condition is applicable to the treatment method of concentration first and then decomposition. The paint mist is treated by high-efficiency filter cotton, and the waste gas is treated by activated carbon adsorption + catalytic combustion. Meet the environmental protection emission standards of the user's coating equipment. The organic waste gas purification device adopts a configuration of multiple activated carbon beds and one catalytic decomposition bed; The treatment air volume of each activated carbon bed is 20000 or 30000m3 / h; All activated carbon beds share a catalytic decomposition bed, and desorption is carried out in turn when it is not working


Highlights of wind power blade coating production line

In order to ensure the purification efficiency and service life of the activated carbon adsorption bed, it is determined to set a primary paint mist filter in front of the activated carbon adsorption bed. The internal structure is our unique VQ pretreatment system. Save the use of filter cotton and reduce the number of replacement.

Two sets of exhaust and adsorption systems in the roll coating room share one set of catalytic combustion regeneration system. Reduce total equipment power and investment cost.

The design specifications and standards of activated carbon adsorption bed combine with the size of the existing exhaust fan unit, place as much activated carbon as possible according to the design standard of filtration wind speed, increase the adsorption saturation period of activated carbon, try to meet the filtration wind speed required in the design specifications, reduce the number of periodic desorption, and improve the service life of activated carbon.

Internal circulation is adopted in the desorption of catalytic combustion regeneration system. Based on our experience for many years, the desorbed hot gas and decomposed exhaust gas are recycled by heat exchange, and then discharged when the desorption is completed. A concentration detection device is set in the hot air pipeline after the decomposition of waste gas to ensure that the desorbed hot gas is clean thermal air and will not cause secondary pollution to the activated carbon when it is recycled to the adsorption bed for desorption. Greatly improve the utilization of heat and reduce the loss of heating energy.

The activated carbon with high typical value shall be selected to ensure the adsorption effect of the activated carbon and improve the adsorption efficiency and service life of the activated carbon. The honeycomb activated carbon with typical value ≥ 800 shall be selected as the concentration medium.

The catalytic combustion furnace is equipped with flame arrester, fire damper and other devices, which are controlled by PLC to realize interlocking control with each electrical system and interlock with the control system of the original roll coating room. When there is a fault, the alarm will be given. The overall adsorption bed is equipped with a nitrogen fire fighting system to further avoid potential safety hazards caused by fire.

Noise reduction room shall be added for all fans, and silencing facilities shall be provided to control the noise ≤ 80D.

The overall design complies with the design specifications of energy conservation, environmental protection and safety.

Equipment list of wind power blade coating production line

1. List of roll drying integrated equipment
Serial numberentry nameParameters / specifications
一、Paint drying room90000×8000×8000mm
Housing system
Housing skeletonHS
Color steel plate and edgingHS 100mm rock wool board
(3)Static chamberHS
(4)Electric lifting gateHS
(5)emergency doorHS
Roll coating air supply systemHS-21-600
(1)Forced draft fanGW-12C-37kw
(2)Air valve
(3)Air supply ductδ1.2mm Hot rolled galvanized sheet
(4)Air supply unit50mm color plate and skeleton
(5)Soft connection
Drying heating systemHS-21R-700

Stainless steel heat exchangerHS-21R-700

Natural gas burnerRS70
Exhaust systemHS-22-75
(1)Main exhaust fanB4-72-12C -75kw
(2)Exhaust box
(3)Air valve
(4)Exhaust ductδ1.2mm Hot rolled galvanized sheet
(5)Exhaust noise reduction room50mm rock wool color plate and skeleton
(6)Exhaust soft connection15m
(7)Air valve and pipeline
(8)Chimney3-5mm steel plate
Air filtration system
(1)Primary filterG4(bag type)
(2)Precision filter cottonG-600
(3)Primary filter bracket
6、Paint mist filtration system
(1)Paint mist filter cottonPA-50
7、lighting18W/piece * 4
Exhaust gas treatment systemSee exhaust gas treatment system
Electrical components
10、Combustible gas concentration alarm system1 tor 4
Control systemSiemens PLC
(1)Electric control panel
(2)Electrical componentsPLC, frequency converter, contactor, thermal relay protector, etc
(3)Wire and cableinternational


the equipment dimensions are for reference and can be designed and manufactured according to the customer's product dimensions.

If you want to customize it, you can click this text

2. Activated carbon adsorption + catalytic combustion equipment
Serial numberentry nameParameters / specifications
一、Activated carbon exhaust gas treatment + catalytic combustion regeneration systemJT-110-700
Activated carbon adsorption system8

Pretreatment and activated carbon adsorption bedJT-112-2002、
Catalytic combustion desorption system

Catalytic combustion furnaceJT-RCO90(including desorption fan and make-up cooling fan)

Exhaust duct  
Galvanized sheet
Water spray fire extinguishing system   

Spray water tank and water supply device

Connecting pipeline and valve
Electronic control systemSiemens PLC, Schneider electric components


the equipment dimensions are for reference and can be designed and manufactured according to the customer's product dimensions.

If you want to customize it, you can click this text

3. List of spare parts
Serial numberentry nameParameters / specifications
1Primary filterG4
Precision filter cottonG600,15 ㎡/Set
Secondary paint mist filter cottonF7

4. List of vulnerable parts
Serial numberentry nameParameters / specifications
1Primary filterG4
Secondary paint mist filter cottonF7

Advantages of components of wind power blade coating production line

All components can be customized (such as size, material, brand, process, function, etc.)



The inner and outer wall plates of the integrated equipment room are made of a0.5mm thick galvanized steel plate, and the sandwich insulating layer rock wool is filled in the middle. The rock wool is a100mm thick and the density is 120kg / m3, so that the temperature of the outer wall plate is not higher than 5 ° C of the room temperature and the heat transfer coefficient is not greater than 0.38kcal/m H. C, the average sound insulation amount is not less than 21.5r (DB); Multiple observation windows are set on the large and small doors, and one set of electric rolling gate is set at the workpiece exit; It is equipped with a safety door and an explosion-proof lock on the small door. When the pressure in the room exceeds 140pa, it can automatically open and release the pressure to play an explosion-proof role.

Air supply / heating system

According to gb14444-2006 safety regulations for coating operation, safety technical regulations for coating room; According to the requirements of industrial coating, the coating room adopts micro negative pressure design, that is, the exhaust air volume is slightly greater than 3-5% of the supply air volume, which can prevent external dust from entering the operation area.



           Swiss bellmo air valve controller

        Air supply box

        Explosion proof centrifugal fan

        Explosion proof centrifugal fan

Exhaust system

The selection of exhaust fan is mainly determined by the two parameters of air volume and pressure head of the fan. The exhaust fan base is welded into a frame by channel steel and angle steel industrial profiles. The exhaust pipe is made of a1.2mm high-quality galvanized steel plate, without welding, to ensure that the pipeline is formed without deformation; A damping or elastic reducer is installed at the bottom of the fan, and a fan noise reduction room is designed to ensure that the system noise is controlled below 75dBA; The size of the exhaust chimney is determined by the air flow velocity and the concentration of harmful substances discharged. The wind resistant structure is used for reinforcement in the installation.


Painting system

It is composed of American Graco manual high-pressure airless spray gun paint supply room or spraying robot, which can be customized by customers


                Graco manual high pressure airless spray gun

             Paint supply room

            Spraying robot

Air purification equipment

Grade 2-3 filtration is adopted: primary 1-2 filtration and sub high efficiency filtration (top filtration) of air inlet, which is composed of air inlet filter, top filter material, top cotton support net, connecting plate, etc; The sub high efficiency filter material is set at the bottom of the static chamber and supported by the top cotton support net. The top cotton support net is of high-quality C-shaped steel structure. After special rust prevention treatment, it has good rigidity, no corrosion and easy to replace the top cotton;


Primary filter material


Sub high efficiency filter material

The synthetic fiber filter material product vnf-290 (G3) and the bag filter of the filter section of the air supply system can increase the cotton area of the air inlet by 3-4 times with the cloth bag structure. The adoption of this filter form can reduce the wind resistance, increase the dust capacity and reduce the replacement times

The Dutch "arresters" synthetic fiber filter material cc-600g (F5) is selected as the sub high efficiency filter material, which can filter out all particles that can damage the paint quality, and the dust content is 100% removed to ensure that the air flow passing through the paint booth is evenly diffused and forms a laminar flow state, which conforms to the fire classification standards of European din53438-f1 and American ul900-class1.

Paint mist treatment equipment

Dry type paint mist filter is used to set three exhaust ducts on the floor of the spray booth, i.e. left, middle and right. Baffle plate and paint mist filter device are installed in the air duct to absorb the paint mist. The paint mist filter device is composed of a filter fiber support net and a filter fiber cotton, and the baffle filter fiber cotton is placed on the support net. When replacing, remove the upper floor grid, take out the flat filter cotton and support net, and then replace the vertical filter cotton. The saturated filter bottom cotton is sent to the incinerator for incineration to prevent environmental pollution. The flat filter cotton can absorb a large amount of paint mist, and the efficiency can reach more than 98%; After spraying for a period of time, when the adsorption of the tiled filter cotton reaches saturation so that the air flow cannot pass through, the two layers of the tiled filter cotton form a folded flow plate. After the spray mist passes through the air flow, about 70% of the paint mist will settle on the tiled filter cotton after being folded. The remaining paint mist will settle at the bottom of the air channel after passing through the folded flow channel. About 2% of the paint mist will be further absorbed by the vertical filter cotton, and finally the standard air flow will be discharged from the exhaust duct.


Waste gas treatment equipment

During the painting operation, the exhaust gas shall be treated to make the treated exhaust gas meet the gb3l6297-195 (comprehensive emission standard of air pollutants). Our company has two common treatment methods: activated carbon system + RCO catalytic combustion and molecular sieve zeolite runner adsorption + catalytic combustion


Activated carbon adsorption + RCO catalytic combustion

The organic waste gas can be adsorbed by using the adsorption characteristics of activated carbon micropores, and the waste gas with low concentration, low temperature and hydrocarbon can be treated. The solvent can be recovered and reused, and the purification efficiency is as high as 90-95%. Activated carbon is a non-polar adsorbent with hydrophobic and organophilic properties. It can absorb most organic gases, such as benzene, aldehydes and ketones, alcohols, hydrocarbons, etc., as well as odor substances. After the adsorption is saturated, it can be desorbed and regenerated by hot air and put into use again

Molecular sieve zeolite runner adsorption + catalytic combustion

The zeolite runner concentration area can be divided into treatment area, regeneration area and cooling area. After collection and pretreatment, VOC organic waste gas enters the zeolite molecular sieve runner system. Through the continuous process of adsorption desorption concentration of zeolite molecular sieve runner, large air volume and low concentration organic waste gas is concentrated into small air volume and high concentration waste gas, and then enters the regenerative oxidation furnace for combustion purification, And effectively utilize the surplus heat released by the combustion of organic matter.

Standard equipment

According to gb1444-206 - Safety Regulations for Xuzhuang operation, technical regulations for safety of excavation and coating room & gt; According to the requirements of industrial rolling coating, the coating room is designed with micro negative pressure, that is, the exhaust air path is greater than 3-5% of the air supply, which can prevent external dust from entering the working area.


                      Lighting device

        Safety alarm system

        3D operation platform

         Electronic control system

Scheme standard

In line with national / industrial / local standards, the whole wind power tower coating production line is efficient, stable, safe and environmental friendly. 

National standards / industrial standards / local standardsnumber
《Corrosion grade and derusting grade of steel surface before coating》GB8923-88
《Hygienic standard for air dust in workshops》GB103328-10333-89
《Safety regulations for painting operation: safety of pretreatment process before painting and ventilation and purification》GB7692-1999
《safety standards》GB2894-1996
《 Safety requirements for protective covers of industrial enterprises 》GB8196-87
《Code for design of low voltage power distribution》GB50054-95
《Safety standard for handrail of climbing platform》GB4053-83
《Safety regulations for painting operation, safety of painting process and ventilation and purification》GB6514-1995
《Safety regulations for coating operation, labor safety and labor hygiene》
《Code for noise control design of industrial enterprises》GBJ87-85
《Safety Peugeot》GB2894-1996
《Standard for lighting design of industrial enterprises》GB50034-92
《Industrial machinery and electrical part 1: General Technology》
《General specification for electrical equipment of industrial machinery》GB/T522611-96
《Noise standards for industrial enterprises》GB12348-90
《Comprehensive emission standard of air pollutants》GB16297-1996
《General rules for safety and health requirements in production process》GB12801-91
《Hygienic standard for industrial enterprise design》TJ36-79
《Code for construction and acceptance of low voltage apparatus in electrical equipment installation engineering》
《Safety distance for mechanical protection》GB12265-90

Wind power industry coating production line case site





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